Why Technicians Use TopLeft

Nobody said engineering at an MSP was easy. As if the day-to-day responsibility of handling helpdesk tickets and projects was not enough, technicians and engineers who use ConnectWise or Autotask also have to struggle...

5 Jan

Project boards available in TopLeft Kanban

TopLeft is very pleased to announce Kanban boards for projects. Now you can visualize your projects (not just project tickets and tasks) as they progress through your team workflows!

29 Jul

Introducing Calendar Dispatch and Schedule Indicators

We’ve introduced a few powerful new features in TopLeft boards that help you and your team keep track of work in calendars. These are very useful if you manage work by assigning to calendars.

23 Jan

ConnectWise Activities available in CW Kanban

It’s finally here! You can now create Kanban boards that show ConnectWise Activities.

22 Oct

Time Entry Enhancements

In May we introduced the capability to enter time in CW Kanban– it was one of our top-requested features. We got lots of great feedback- many ?’s and plenty of requests for enhancements. We wanted to let you know that...

14 Aug

Credit card payments available

CW Kanban now offers credit card payments directly, without using Paypal.

30 Jul

Mobile Improvements

Many people have asked us about mobile access for CW Kanban, to help technicians and anyone else who frequently works away from their desktop computers. Until now, CW Kanban has been difficult (actually broken) to use...

29 Jul

Two factor authentication is now available

Two factor authentication is now available in CW Kanban! 2FA is one of the most effective ways to prevent unauthorized access to data, because a hacker needs to steal more than just a password to access your account. We...

23 Jul

Swimlane and style profile improvements

We at CW Kanban hope you’re having a great summer! Or winter, for our Australia/New Zealand customers. We’ve been working hard to improve Kanban and wanted to let you know there’s a few new options available to let you...

16 Jul

Comparison of ConnectWise Manage Agile Board to CW Kanban

How CW Agile Board is currently better than CW Kanban Quick Create for ticket Block/Unblock tickets (without requiring a specific status) Can work on tickets in simple mode – hide finance, resources etc with a link to...

11 Jun

How your MSP techs can always work on the #1 priority, without wasting time scheduling

Every day in an MSP, decisions are made about what tickets the technicians should work on. Usually, this results in a dilemma: Do technicians select tickets all by themselves? This is fast and easy but has some big...

3 Jun

New subscription plan available- Agile Manager

CW Kanban is making MSPs more efficient all over the world. Here’s what someone told us on our website chat not long ago: “You have solved all my Connectwise problems for the last 7 years!“

28 May

Making it easier for engineers to enter time

As I heard at a ConnectWise Share (User Group) event recently from Sea-Level Operations, if a computer shop received 8 new computers a day and threw out 3, they would go out of business real quick. In the service...

15 May