Comparison of ConnectWise Manage Agile Board to CW Kanban

How CW Agile Board is currently better than CW Kanban

  1. Quick Create for ticket
  2. Block/Unblock tickets (without requiring a specific status)
  3. Can work on tickets in simple mode – hide finance, resources etc with a link to the regular full ticket screen
  4. Can pop the ticket out in a new window
  5. Built into CW as a standard feature, at no extra charge

Where CW Kanban is better then the Agile Board

  1. Uses actual Agile and Kanban concepts such as pull-based workflow, customizable visualization, and minimizing Work In Progress (WIP)
  2. Visualizes not only tickets but also Sales Opportunities
  3. Rerank tickets by drag/drop to properly indicate prioritization
  4. Flexible filtering to only show the desired tickets
  5. Flexible horizontal swim lanes
  6. Flexible formatting and visualizing, such as of neglected work or based on other fields
  7. Mapping of multiple CW statuses into single Kanban column
  8. Showing tickets from diverse CW boards on a single Kanban board
  9. Fast!
  10. Web-based – works on any browser with optimized HTML
  11. Works well with large screens to maximize real-estate
  12. Training available on Kanban mindset, methodology, and tools

    Client Testimonials

    I would recommend this product to any company that is considering moving their helpdesk environment to an Agile Service Delivery entity. The board is highly configurable and the developers are very easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile to get you set up the way you want your board to work.
    Jeff Groby, SumnerOne