ConnectWise Activities available in CW Kanban

It’s finally here! You can now create Kanban boards that show ConnectWise Activities.

Activities are used in ConnectWise for a couple of purposes:

  1. to track discrete steps in pursuing sales opportunities- such as meeting the client at their office, writing a proposal, or sending a follow-up email
  2. to track personal to-do items especially for those who don’t normally work from tickets, such as executives and administrative personnel

If you’ve been tracking personal to-dos in Trello, now you can use ConnectWise activities and a Kanban board instead, keeping your data in one place and taking advantage of the calendar integration between ConnectWise and your calendar service.

To create an activity board, click Boards in the main menu and then click Add Activity Board.

Activity boards function similarly to ticket boards, with filters to control the tickets which appear on the board and which statuses are mapped to each column.

Activities are available now for all Kanban customers. Create an activity board today!

To take advantage of Activity boards, you may need to update your ConnectWise security role permissions for Kanban. Please review the list of permissions and make changes if necessary.