Swimlane and style profile improvements

We at CW Kanban hope you’re having a great summer! Or winter, for our Australia/New Zealand customers. We’ve been working hard to improve Kanban and wanted to let you know there’s a few new options available to let you visualize your work in more ways.

  • Swimlanes for ticket type, so you can visualize your work in groups such as Workstation, Server, Network, Printer, Application, and so on.
  • Many new ways to trigger custom style profiles for cards. Now you can set conditions that match:
    • Ticket type, sub-type, and item
    • Company name
    • Project name
    • Ticket summary
    • SLA exceeded
    • SLA warning threshold from column is exceeded

All these improvements came from customer suggestions. Do let us know if there’s anything new you’d like to see in the CW Kanban.

We have a few other exciting announcements coming soon so stay tuned!