Features designed to scale & change with you

Integrate your PSA with TopLeft's suite of features to deliver a comprehensive visual management system for MSPs.





Visualize your work in a way that mirrors the actual processes. With columns that can be named and structured to reflect the stages and statuses specific to an MSP’s operations, your teams can move beyond generic task lists and into an interactive workflow system.



Plan and track project timelines and dependencies. Each project is represented as a bar across a timeline, with different colors indicating specific statuses such as "on track," "at risk," or "over budget." MSPs can now quickly understand project schedules, the sequence of tasks, and the interdependencies among various project phases.



Categorize tasks across various dimensions such as project, phase, resource, or team. By organizing tasks into these horizontal lanes, MSPs can visualize workloads more effectively and pinpoint bottlenecks or uneven distributions of work.



Teams can set visual priorities and alerts directly on the Kanban board. For example, you can choose to highlight tickets approaching their deadlines in red or mark high-priority tasks with a bold border. This feature supports conditional formatting based on ticket properties such as priority, due date, or any custom field MSPs might use.

Task Management



Technicians, coordinators and managers can prioritize tasks within a column with a simple mouse movement. This physical action simulates the satisfying simplicity of moving sticky notes across a whiteboard. You can silently update the entire team on a task's new stage or priority, eliminating the need for constant verbal updates, email/chat notifications, or playing tetris with calendars.



Get a detailed overview of project status and task progression at a glance. Each Kanban card, representing a project or ticket, can be customized to display exactly the information you need—from budget status and estimated timelines to current progress. This flexibility allows MSPs to tailor their view to a simple overview or a detailed report, enabling quick assessments of whether projects are on track or require immediate attention due to potential overruns or delays

Team Collaboration



Whether a ticket status is updated, a new note is added, or a project reaches a new milestone, the information is updated instantly in the PSA and immediately reflected in TopLeft. This bi-directional synchronization ensures that all team members—from technicians to managers—can always access the most current data.



Apply filters based on various criteria such as client, engineer, project status, ticket priority, due dates, and more. Service managers can filter tickets to show only those nearing SLA deadlines, enabling prompt action to avoid breaches and ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently to keep the project on schedule.

Client Engagement



Your clients can visually track the progress of their projects and tickets without constantly reaching out for updates. Depending on the level of transparency you wish to maintain and the client's needs, you can decide to show everything from basic ticket statuses and project phases to more detailed notes and time entries. You have the option to enable clients to create project or service tickets and add their own notes.



For work that requires scheduling with a client, you can easily dispatch and schedule resources for a specific date and time. Your PSA will be instantly updated.

Drag & drop cards between resource swimlanes to easily reallocate tasks based on workload.


Do you have a question? We’ve got the answers.

Question: Where can I learn how to use these TopLeft’s features?

Answer: We have a comprehensive Knowledge Base. There are dozens of videos available. Within the application, all users have access to learning checklists and feature walkthroughs. During onboarding, we also help all clients setup some useful and relevant boards with tips to use the main features.

Question: How do I ensure teams know how to use these TopLeft’s features?

Answer: Encourage every user to work through the in-app welcome videos and checklists. Have all managers and co-ordinators enroll into the included “Completed Ticket Challenge” LMS course, to learn mindsets and daily habits that improve client response times and cut down on ticket backlogs..

Question: How do I know which TopLeft’s features are right for my team?

Answer: ust expirement! It’s very easy to try out the various filters, visualization options, and swimlane types to build your own personalized board that reflects your flow and and tema needs. And of course, you can always reach out to support or your Client Success Manager to get a call for guidance.

Connect with your favorite PSA tools and supercharge your workflows

Categorize tasks by project, phase, or team, aiding in workload management and identifying bottlenecks