Break down & estimate work

  • Highlight cards with upcoming SLAs or due dates to prioritize your tickets

  • Customize card appearance to emphasize tickets that need special handling

  • Rank cards automatically according to customizable properties

  • Update priority, due dates, time estimates, titles, and descriptions, etc. TopLeft will instantly sync it with your PSA

  • Change a ticket status by simply drag-and-dropping it into a different column

  • Enter time estimates and ticket notes

A feature your engineers will love:

  • Visualize today’s workload and priorities to reduce overwhelm

  • Use built-in timers to easily track time and enter notes

  • Check items off the ticket checklists to track your progress

  • Spot neglected work in seconds with visual highlights to prevent tasks from falling through the cracks

Assign & dispatch

  • Re-assign a ticket with just one click

  • View an engineer’s free and busy time during the day directly in TopLeft to dispatch faster

  • See a ticket’s scheduling information directly on its card


  • Identify bottlenecks instantly just by looking at columns or horizontal lanes to see which ones have the most cards

  • Rank and color-code your tickets both manually and/or automatically, based on custom settings. For example, highlight cards that haven’t recently changed status or had a new time entry or note to identify neglected work

  • Group and review work by project, engineer, type, priority, project manager, location, team, owner, company, ConnectWise board, phase, Autotask queue, and category.

  • View ticket details and notes with just one click

  • View an individual engineer’s workload

  • Set work-in-progress limits by project, individual engineer, ticket priority, board (ConnectWise), or queue (Autotask) to prevent ticket backlogs

  • Let clients monitor their projects and tickets with the self-serve Client Portal.

A feature your managers will love:

  • Visualize multiple projects at once and zoom into ticket details with just one click

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Absolutely have seen improvement—especially in the visibility of work. We have a call every morning to discuss work from Kanban. In three months we improved from 18 blocked tickets to 11, and 34 active tickets down to 1.

Judi Baker, Project manager Seitel Systems, Seattle

By moving to Kanban with TopLeft, we were able to clear our project backlog, reduce scheduling errors/issues, improve schedule accuracy and customer satisfaction, and reduce management/dispatching time.

Derek Wood, COO OneIT, Cheyenne

TopLeft is used by 150 MSPs in 11 countries