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Client Testimonials

You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Judi Noell Baker

Sevice Desk Manager, Seitel Systems

Judi Baker-1

We see value in using TopLeft.

We have seen firsthand how it has helped us visualize our workflows, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve our processes.

We've even brought in new team members who were able to rapidly get up to speed with TopLeft.

Sarah Ellis

CIO at Clear Guidance - Austin, Tx


TopLeft turned project management from staring at huge lists, impossible to prioritize, into easily digestible, very visually compelling information.

We are no longer looking at a mountain of data wondering how to break it up. It’s already broken up for us by TopLeft, which makes it much easier to see the flow of tickets.

Before, we also weren’t able to see projects side-by-side—something we can now do thanks to TopLeft.

Scott Patsy

Manager of Strategic Engagement at CIT

Scott Patsy - CIT

The big AHA moment was when I could click on the magnifying glass on a project drill into the tickets for the project. OH MY GOSH.

As a project manager I see my own projects- but to talk w/ clients you need to know about the individual tickets. It gives project managers a better way to manage project milestones.

Steve Psaradellis



We were able to move our average project delivery from negative efficiency to positive 33% efficiency. So we finish projects now with an average of 1/3 time left over!

TopLeft is an extremely affordable investment, considering the costs of switching PSAs and the efficiency improvements.

Matthew Kaufman

CEO at KaufmanIT

Matthew Kaufman - Kaufman IT

(2nd week of CTC program):

It's weird that this is the exact same data in a new visual form, but suddenly everybody knows which tickets should have been closed when they didn't just with ConnectWise.

(Closed almost 300 old or finished tickets out of 450 in a week)

Ravi Brounstein

CEO at Alpha IT

Ravi Brounstein

(2 weeks into trial)

This product has changed my life. I'm already sold, just for the benefit that it gives to me.

We can see progress from Request-For-Quote all the way through to Close, including task work. We've never had that start-to-finish view before.

Frank Hannaford

Solutions Architect at CoreTech

Frank Hannaford

Straight-forward implementation of Kanban for Project Management that is fully integrated with ConnectWise PSA!.

We manage a lot of Projects (40 - 60 at a time) and TopLeft has proven to improve focus and save time capturing critical information needed to keep projects on schedule!

Alex Anderson

ex-Project Manager at Helixstorm

Alex Anderson-1

With TopLeft, it takes much less time for me to communicate, assign, and correct statuses.

I had a project with 55–60 tickets that needed assignments and status correction. In
ConnectWise, it takes me around 45 minutes to complete the job; while in TopLeft, it only took me 13 minutes.

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