Why Technicians Use TopLeft

Nobody said engineering at an MSP was easy. As if the day-to-day responsibility of handling helpdesk tickets and projects was not enough, technicians and engineers who use ConnectWise or Autotask also have to struggle with the lack of visibility and control over their tasks.

However, one of the biggest causes of concern is the stress and tension that comes from the mismanagement of tedious roles. Making time entries, keeping the PSA up to date, and estimating time on tickets can truly turn out to be an overwhelming task for many, for they are already bogged down by their technical roles at the organization.

What would really help is a means for better visualization and maintenance of their work – something that allows technicians to feel much more organized as they progress through their day. Tech companies have seen the benefits of Kanban principles in workflow management and productive outcomes for a long time and its potential for solving critical problems and overwhelming workloads. All you need is the right platform that helps you implement these principles.

TopLeft: Helping To Understand and Accelerate Projects and Helpdesk

If you have heard of Kanban, you probably know these principles enable definition, management, and improvement of services delivering knowledge work, besides helping interactively visualize your work- thus helping maximize efficiency and improve consistently. This philosophy is exactly what TopLeft is based on, as we help technicians and engineers steer clear of long project backlogs, reduce scheduling errors, improve schedule accuracy, and reduce dispatching time.

The benefits offered by TopLeft are such that engineers and technicians have been able to turn their workflow management entirely upside down. Here are a few of the benefits:

Eliminate Overwhelm

The lack of project and ticket prioritization is usually overloading technicians. This happens because project managers and dispatchers don’t have visibility into all the projects and tickets you’re are working on, which leads you to multitask- killing your productivity. Focus on one thing at a time and move to the next; multitasking between 10 or more tickets is a horrible mental drain; by the end of the week, you realize you got nothing done, even though you touched a lot of tickets and sent lots of emails. The key is limiting the work in progress to only 1 or 2 tickets at a time.

Work Faster

Don’t waste your day watching the spinner icon in your PSA. TopLeft helps you perform your common tasks with fewer clicks and faster responses.

Quickly update tickets in real-time. Drag and drop cards to indicate their status and importance compared to other cards. And accelerate your work by editing general ticket fields such as title, due date, agreement, and budget hours.

Edit project ticket

Visualizing Neglected Tickets

Are you trying to catch up with pending tasks? Common PSAs such as ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA make it challenging to identify tickets that haven’t had any recent activity. All tickets are treated equally, no matter how long since they received attention. Now visualize everything on your board with problem tickets highlighted. You don’t have to search for your work in multiple places.

Neglected tickets visualization

Reducing Time on Meetings

A practical workflow visualization is critical to a team’s success. Coming up into a meeting with effective data visualization makes meetings faster and more useful. When using visual aids to help with workflow, prioritization, and accountability, you no longer have to huddle up in long meetings to get on track with your team.

Seeing All Your Work in One Place

Easily see everything in your court from start to finish. You can focus on finishing work before starting new work. Now you can say bye to miscommunication and mismanagement and see all your work in one place with problem tickets highlighted.

All your tickets in one place

Organized Work Tickets

Focus on working tickets as they are prioritized by the dispatcher or project manager, rather than filling your daily calendar 90% full. It’s the managers’ job to order the tickets to utilize your time effectively to meet the business goals. By taking back control of your work and having everything in your court organized and simplified, you will forget what stress feels like even on the most active workdays.

TopLeft is the Newest Trend on the Block!

Talking about the way TopLeft has changed his work life for good, Erik at Intermix says, “I appreciate the ease of being able to input time into tasks. The UI is far easier to navigate than in Autotask. I also have a more visually friendly view of all projects and tasks with their associated status. It is very helpful to see what’s going on project-wise at a glance.”

So, what are you waiting for? If you wish to improve project or helpdesk visibility and take back control of your tasks, get onboard TopLeft today and see your workflow transform into a much more organized and simplified version of itself!

Schedule a demo with us today, so you and your team can see TopLeft in action.

    Client Testimonials

    I would recommend this product to any company that is considering moving their helpdesk environment to an Agile Service Delivery entity. The board is highly configurable and the developers are very easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile to get you set up the way you want your board to work.
    Jeff Groby, SumnerOne