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Experience a tailored Kanban solution, surpassing MS Planner in integration and support

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TopLeft helps you stay connected with your team

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  • Direct Integration
  • Custom Kanban boards
  • Advanced customization
  • MSP centric support
  • Client collaboration
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  • Basic integration
  • Single project view
  • Limited customization
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Do your best work on MSP projects with TopLeft

Leverage TopLeft for managing MSP workflows more efficiently than with MS Planner.

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Tailored MSP solutions

TopLeft offers a suite of MSP-specific features, including customizable Kanban boards and ticket automation, to streamline your project management far beyond the basic capabilities of MS Planner.

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Battlecard - MS Planner Icons_02 Seamless Connectivity

Seamless PSA connectivity

Experience direct, two-way integration with industry-leading PSA tools
ConnectWise and AutoTask, ensuring a synchronized workflow without the need for the additional setup that MS Planner requires.

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Battlecard - MS Planner Icons_03 Enhanced VIsibility

Enhanced workflow visibility

TopLeft's single-page multi-project oversight gives you a strategic view of all your projects, with real-time updates for comprehensive management that MS Planner can't match.

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Why MSPs choose TopLeft

Empower your team with TopLeft's comprehensive features, designed for the unique demands of MSP workflows.

Custom kanban boards

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Seamlessly integrate with major PSA tools like ConnectWise and AutoTask for a unified management experience that keeps all your data in sync.

Real-Time Updates

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Stay informed with live updates on tickets and projects, ensuring your team and clients are always aligned with the current status.

Client Portal Access

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Provide clients with transparent access to project status through a dedicated portal, fostering trust and collaborative communication.

Join TopLeft in just a few clicks

Seamlessly integrate with major PSA tools like ConnectWise and AutoTask
for a unified management experience that keeps all your data in sync.

Customer Reviews

See why 200+ MSPs use TopLeft.

Frank Hannaford,

Solutions Architect at CoreTech

"Straight-forward implementation of Kanban for Project Management that is fully integrated with ConnectWise PSA! We manage a lot of Projects (40 - 60 at a time) and TopLeft has proven to improve focus and save time capturing critical information needed to keep projects on schedule!”

Ravi Brounstein,

CEO at Alpha IT

(2 weeks into trial)

"This product has changed my life. I'm already sold, just for the benefit that it gives to me.

We can see progress from Request-For-Quote all the way through to Close, including task work. We've never had that start-to-finish view before."

Judi Noell Baker,

Service Desk Manager, Seitel Systems

"We see value in using TopLeft.

We have seen firsthand how it has helped us visualize our workflows, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve our processes.

We've even brought in new team members who were able to rapidly get up to speed with TopLeft."

Migrate from MS planner to TopLeft in no time

Tailor your workflow with TopLeft's extensive customization options for tickets, SLAs, and overall project tracking to fit your MSP's unique processes.