New subscription plan available- Agile Manager

CW Kanban is making MSPs more efficient all over the world. Here’s what someone told us on our website chat not long ago: “You have solved all my Connectwise problems for the last 7 years!

But from time to time we heard that our subscription model didn’t work for everyone. Some organizations preferred to use Kanban as a tool for managers and dispatchers but not for entire teams, and pricing was prohibitive in this case. So we’ve listened to that feedback and are pleased to announce a new subscription model, Agile Manager.

Agile Manager subscriptions license the managers and dispatchers who use boards, not the team members whose cards appear on boards. This decreases the cost for MSPs who use Kanban in ways like these:

  • Project managers use Kanban to get an overview of projects and how work is assigned to engineers
  • Service dispatchers use Kanban to review unassigned and high priority tickets and assign tickets to technicians
  • Team leaders use Kanban to prioritize work using Scrum methods

Agile Manager costs $99/manager/month paid annually, or $119/month paid monthly. To subscribe, visit Pricing. We have renamed the previous subscription model to Agile Teams. For information on how the two plans differ, see About CW Kanban Licensing Plans in our knowledgebase.

On an unrelated note, we are just waiting for another ~15 expressions of interest for Autotask Kanban before we finish building version 1.0. If you know anybody interested, please have them opt-in at