Kanban boards help MSPs take back control of their work

Visualize your work to understand project progress, accelerate helpdesk dispatch, identify neglected tasks, and crush the bottlenecks that slow down your team.

Integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA.

TopLeft Connectwise Manage project management

Webinar February 26 - Project Management for MSPs

Excuse me, MSP Project Manager- have you ever been frustrated with the lack of functionality for managing projects in your PSA? Or wondered how to plan ahead (but not too far ahead) for all your projects, while maintaining clarity for your project team?

Attend the webinar on February 26 to learn how to take back control of your project work with Kanban.

Understand and accelerate your project, service, and sales work

Watch as work moves across the board as it progresses through your pipeline.

Drag and drop cards to indicate their status and importance compared to other cards.

See how work is distributed by grouping cards according to project, assigned technician, type, or other properties.

Ah, this is so good… you have no idea how much I like this.

Brian Pavlidis

Net2Net IT Solutions

Find and eliminate neglected work and bottlenecks

Don’t let your service and project tickets fall between the cracks. Kanban highlights neglected work so you can deal with it right away.

And it identifies bottlenecks by visually showing large numbers of tickets in a single status or for a single project or technician.

As a project manager, I can see project tickets broken down by engineer- impossible to do in our PSA!

Sarah Ellis

Clear Guidance

Your whole team on the same page

Say goodbye to miscommunication and a multitude of tools- everyone can use Kanban boards to communicate about work.

Managers use Kanban to plan and monitor tasks and engineers use it to understand priorities and indicate progress.

You can even use Kanban in meetings and display it on your office signage.

We are able to run meaningful huddles/daily standups now and have been transformed by TopLeft!

Ben Johnson

Liberty Technology

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Webinar Feb 26 – Project Management for MSPs

Does managing your projects in ConnectWise or Autotask get you down? Tired of clicking, clicking, clicking, to see the most basic info about a project? Need to manage multiple projects at once? Need a better way to see what your project team is working on? If you want...

Webinar January 30- 2 types of boards, recent updates, Q&A time

We're introducing a recurring webinar for everyone who wants to know more about Kanban- both Kanban methods as they apply to MSPs, and Kanban the board application from TopLeft. In the first webinar we'll discuss: The two types of Kanban boards- everyone has tried one...

Introducing Calendar Dispatch and Schedule Indicators

Introducing Calendar Dispatch and Schedule Indicators

We've introduced a few powerful new features in TopLeft boards that help you and your team keep track of work in calendars. These are very useful if you manage work by assigning to calendars. Dispatch to Calendars in Kanban You can now dispatch work to a member's...

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