Learning Center: Lean and Kanban

    7 Reasons to Use Kanban for Project Management

    Kanban for project management goes as far back as the early 1960s, with Industrial Engineer and Businessman Taiichi Ohno creating a simple inventory planning system for Toyota automotive. What pushed him to develop such...

    17 Feb

    Like Asana & Monday.com, but fully integrated to ConnectWise Manage?

    Asana & ConnectWise Manage Are you a ConnectWise Manage user, and you also use Asana or Monday.com to manage the ConnectWise-generated workflow? On its own, Asana (or Monday.com) are terrific ways to organize your work,...

    9 Nov

    TopLeft Improvements Through the Years

    It's easy to forget how simple TopLeft was in the beginning. We thought it would be interesting to review some of the big improvements we've made over the years, both in the app itself and in various parts of the...

    3 Nov

    Your Autotask PSA data in Asana & Monday.com? Try this Kanban board instead

    Many people use project management tools such as Asana and Monday.com to manage their work. These two excel in areas as varied as managing tasks in small-to-medium size projects to personal to-do lists.

    3 Nov

    The Client Portal is Here

    A lot of MSPs tell us they have trouble with:

    13 Jul

    Winning the Talent Retention Battle

    MSP leaders that invest in the training and development of their people are sometimes afraid of the possibility that other companies could wind up benefitting from those investments. However, it’s important to remember...

    20 Apr

    Winning the Talent Development Battle

    Building a great team requires more than just hiring great people. Hiring great people is just the start. Talent has to be developed and nurtured over time, and it’s more than just a pat on the back and the occasional...

    20 Apr

    We’ve Launched Two New Training Programs

    We know that you have too much on your plate, and we want you to avoid worrying about how to start receiving results from TopLeft.

    10 Mar

    We’re excited to announce our integration with Nave!

    TopLeft has partnered with Nave to turn your TopLeft board data into immersive graphs. Using TopLeft to implement key Kanban techniques helps you to make the workflow more visible and your team more productive. However,...

    1 Mar

    Webinar January 30- 2 types of boards, recent updates, Q&A time

    We’re introducing a recurring webinar for everyone who wants to know more about Kanban- both Kanban methods as they apply to MSPs, and Kanban the board application from TopLeft.

    30 Jan

    Cherry-picking Tickets Hurts Your Clients

    Allowing your team to cherry-pick tickets or tasks on their list hurts your clients, and you may not even realize this is going on. We know this kind of issue by experience, and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve...

    11 Jan

    Why Technicians Use TopLeft

    Nobody said engineering at an MSP was easy. As if the day-to-day responsibility of handling helpdesk tickets and projects was not enough, technicians and engineers who use ConnectWise or Autotask also have to struggle...

    5 Jan

    Are you feeling micromanaged? Here is why- and what to do about it

    Are you an engineer or a technician working for an MSP? And are you feeling micromanaged? Technician micromanagement at MSPs doesn’t get enough coverage, even though it cripples teamwork and performance.

    18 Nov