Learning Center: Lean and Kanban

    7 Reasons to Use Kanban for Project Management

    Kanban for project management goes as far back as the early 1960s, with Industrial Engineer and Businessman Taiichi Ohno creating a simple inventory planning system for Toyota automotive. What pushed him to develop such...

    17 Feb

    Lean CEO – Redefining work and respecting IT workers

    This blog post is based on both my experience and learnings from The Lean CEO book by Jacob Stoller, looking closely at what organizations like Toyota were doing in Japan several decades ago. I (Wim) hope to blog more...

    7 Oct

    What it means to be DOING Kanban

    So I’ve been thinking about this question for a while… what does it mean to be doing Kanban? Obviously I’ve been committed to Kanban for a while as we’ve built a solution around it, but even though we have all kinds of...

    11 Jun

    Comparison of ConnectWise Manage Agile Board to CW Kanban

    How CW Agile Board is currently better than CW Kanban Quick Create for ticket Block/Unblock tickets (without requiring a specific status) Can work on tickets in simple mode – hide finance, resources etc with a link to...

    11 Jun

    Making it easier for engineers to enter time

    As I heard at a ConnectWise Share (User Group) event recently from Sea-Level Operations, if a computer shop received 8 new computers a day and threw out 3, they would go out of business real quick. In the service...

    15 May

    Updated Board Design, Time Entry Support, and Free Training

    Here’s a quick heads-up about changes at CW Kanban that will make your life better. Do share this post with your team members so they too could benefit from these updates!

    13 May

    What’s going on at CWKanban?

    A lot has been happening at CW Kanban over the past few months. We’ve made steady improvements to the application and have improved other parts of the business too. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on and...

    22 Apr

    Webinar Recording – Agile Service Delivery with Manuel Palachuk

    In February, Wim hosted a joint webinar with Manuel Palachuk. We covered the Mindset, Methods, and Tools for Agile Service Delivery with many in attendance. Click here to request the recording and access the slidedecks,...

    16 Mar

    Now accepting Autotask Kanban BETA Signup Applications

    As announced on the recent webinar, we are moving forward in our process to make CW Kanban available for Autotask PSA! See the proposed feature list, and submit your interest here: https://www.topleft.team/autotask/ Do...

    13 Feb

    Improving the flow of work by visualizing roadblocks and neglected tickets

    It’s been way too long since I sent out some Lean/Kanban education!  In January I did a post on Visualizing Neglected Work, based on Dominica DeGrandis’s book, which was well received. I have heard from multiple people...

    5 Jul

    How to Visualize any ConnectWise Process

    I was speaking last week with an MSP consultant in the UK, and he asked for a demo of creating a Kanban for their desired work process (weekly work sprints). One of their big goals is to avoid strict scheduling/dispatch...

    19 Feb

    Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow

    I ask this question daily: How can we optimize workflow?

    17 Jan