Manage your sales pipeline efficiently so no opportunity
gets lost

This is TopLeft Kanban for

Why are so many leads slipping
through the cracks?

Opportunities can be difficult to convert into sales if you are unable to identify the ones to prioritize and urgently pursue. 

One common challenge that sales managers face is that the pipeline is often presented as a plain list, lacking visual representation. This can be frustrating because without a clear visual, you won't have a good view of your overall sales process. As a result, your team may not know which opportunities they should be focusing on for follow-up, leading to missed chances and potential revenue loss. Traditional PSAs also play a key role in this pain point as it often requires a significant amount of administrative work, multiple tools and clicks that take up a lot of your sales team's time they could've well spent

A better way to work with TopLeft Kanbans
through effective lead tracking and
sales pipeline visualization


Ensure timely

Analyze and
forecast sales

Assign and track
lead progress

Make informed decisions to drive sales success with a
clear view on every lead activity and progress using
TopLeft Kanban boards

prioritize high-value opportunities

Empower your sales team to focus on high-potential prospects through effective opportunity prioritization for increased win rates.
  • Visualize opportunitiy pipeline
  • Set custom priority labels
  • Indicate lead stage and status

ENsure timely follow-ups

Drive sales success with a tool that can streamline follow-up schedules, nurture the right qualified prospects, and accelerate sales cycles.
  • Apply due dates and reminders
  • Track follow-up activities and strategies
  • Identify overdue uncontacted leads

Analyze and forecast sales flow

Optimize sales performance with in-depth analytics and forecasting capabilities, empowering sales managers to proactively manage and predict sales flow.
  • Evaluate bottlenecks and sales trends
  • Measure cycle time metrics between lead stages
  • Assess conversation rates and sales funnel performance

Assign and track lead progress

Manage your sales team's pipeline through seamless lead assignment and distribution without missing a beat on its conversion activity.
  • Drag-and-drop lead assignment with visibility on team pipeline
  • Tag specific tasks related to lead progress to team members
  • Collaborate on lead acquisition and nurturing


You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Matthew Kaufman

CEO at KaufmanIT

Matthew Kaufman - Kaufman IT

(2nd week of CTC program):

It's weird that this is the exact same data in a new visual form, but suddenly everybody knows which tickets should have been closed when they didn't just with ConnectWise. (Closed almost 300 old or finished tickets out of 450 in a week)

Ravi Brounstein

CEO at Alpha IT

Ravi Brounstein-1

(2 weeks into trial)

This product has changed my life. I'm already sold, just for the benefit that it gives to me. We can see progress from Request-For-Quote all the way through to Close, including task work. We've never had that start-to-finish view before.