Flexible Licensing in TopLeft

We've introduced a new licensing model in TopLeft that's a lot more flexible than the previous model.

30 Mar

TopLeft Improvements Through the Years

It's easy to forget how simple TopLeft was in the beginning. We thought it would be interesting to review some of the big improvements we've made over the years, both in the app itself and in various parts of the...

3 Nov

The Client Portal is Here

A lot of MSPs tell us they have trouble with:

13 Jul

Webinar January 30- 2 types of boards, recent updates, Q&A time

We’re introducing a recurring webinar for everyone who wants to know more about Kanban- both Kanban methods as they apply to MSPs, and Kanban the board application from TopLeft.

30 Jan

New Subscription Plan, Pricing, and Licensing

TopLeft is excited to announce a new subscription plan for those who need the visibility offered by Kanban boards but don’t need to accelerate technician’s day-to-day work. It’s offered at half the price of the full...

4 May

New Features- Edit Tickets and Automatically Rank Cards

We want you to be able to work faster and more confidently in your MSP, so we’re adding a couple of exciting capabilities to TopLeft.

3 May

Need to see your Autotask PSA data in Trello? Try this Kanban board instead

Many people use Trello to manage their work. It excels in areas as varied as managing tasks in small-to-medium size projects to personal to-do lists.

4 Feb

How good is your multitasking? Try this simple game to find out

In the modern world, multitasking is common and everyone thinks they’re good at it. You’re able to frequently switch between a variety of tasks without getting distracted or slowing down, right?

21 Jan

Are you making use of both key types of Kanban boards?

The simplest possible Kanban board has columns for Todo, Doing, and Done. This basic layout is used as an example wherever Kanban techniques are taught. It’s an example of a general board, one that tracks any type of...

7 Jan

Knock Out Waste in Your MSP- the 7 Kanban Wastes

Get ready to knock out waste in your MSP! For a long time manufacturers using Kanban have used the 7 Kanban Wastes to identify and eliminate waste in their processes. Did you know MSPs can use the same framework to...

12 Nov

Project Management with Kanban- for MSPs

Ever been frustrated with project management in ConnectWise or Autotask? Yeah- we were too.

25 Sep

MS Planner doesn’t work with ConnectWise, but this Kanban board does

More and more project-focused MSPs are using Microsoft Planner. Planner is a visual tool for arranging work items in columns, showing how work is progressing through a pipeline of work in the team. It’s a form of Kanban...

27 Aug

Project boards available in TopLeft Kanban

TopLeft is very pleased to announce Kanban boards for projects. Now you can visualize your projects (not just project tickets and tasks) as they progress through your team workflows!

29 Jul