We’re introducing a recurring webinar for everyone who wants to know more about Kanban- both Kanban methods as they apply to MSPs, and Kanban the board application from TopLeft.

In the first webinar we’ll discuss:

  • The two types of Kanban boards- everyone has tried one type, but not everyone has tried the second. You might be surprised how useful the second type of board is!
  • Recent improvements to the board application
  • Q&A time- open mic for your questions

Date and time: Thursday January 30, 1 PM EST/10 AM PST

Download the slide deck

Recording: https://youtu.be/ACV-2R8SpZ8

Here’s what we covered:

Two Types of Kanban Boards

Everyone uses general Kanban boards. These have columns with generic names such as Backlog, Ready, Scheduled, Waiting, In Progress, and Complete. This kind of board works for any workflow in any organization, but it doesn’t convey as much meaning as the second type of board.

In contrast, a specialized Kanban board functions for one specific workflow in your organization. They convey a huge amount of information about each unit of your work- the stage of the unit, how close it is to completion, and the next step to move that work forward. In a specialized board, there’s one column for each major stage in the workflow, and the cards represent the units of work. For example, a board for managing Business Technology Reviews in your MSP could have columns for BTR Needed, Scheduling, Prep, Deliver, and Followup, and each card on the board would represent one BTR coming up soon or having been delivered recently. The Kanban board makes it trivial to see the stage of all your BTRs and what their next step is.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • what kind of work is good for tracking in a specialized board
  • ideas for identifying this work in your MSP
  • how to track work requirements when using these boards, and
  • whether or not you should have dedicated ConnectWise boards or Autotask queues for this work

Product Improvements

Learn about:

  • Our TopLeft rebranding
  • Autotask integration
  • Activity boards for ConnectWise
  • Calendar scheduling indicators on cards and custom card styling – how to see at what time a ticket is scheduled
  • Dispatching tickets to calendars

Q&A time