TopLeft is excited to announce a new subscription plan for those who need the visibility offered by Kanban boards but don’t need to accelerate technician’s day-to-day work. It’s offered at half the price of the full TopLeft subscription plan.

We’re also simplifying our licensing and increasing some pricing- but you can lock in old prices for the year.

Introducing Basic plan

We’ve launched a new plan! It’s aimed at customers who use Kanban primarily as a visualization and reporting tool for basic planning and keeping track of work, and who don’t need help working faster from ConnectWise or Autotask. The name of the new plan is Basic.

Basic plan offers Kanban visualizations and drag-and-drop to change the status of work and to assign work to team members. It’s perfect for managers who need better understanding of their work than their PSA provides, but whose team members work primarily in the PSA and review Kanban boards less frequently. It doesn’t include time or note entry, service call dispatch, advanced work assignments, or the ticket editing or automatic ranking improvements announced recently. You can see the details on the pricing page.

Basic plan is $15/user/month, or $12.50/user/month paid annually ($150/year).

The full-functionality plan, previously known as Agile Team, is now called Standard plan.

Licensing simplification

We’re simplifying the licensing model. In the new model, a license is needed for any person who uses Kanban boards. Tickets, tasks, projects, and opportunities are shown on Kanban boards when they are assigned to a licensed member.

Some customers may need additional licenses because now all people using Kanban need to be licensed. Previously, managers who had no work assigned to themselves didn’t need a license of their own. We’ll be contacting customers with a summary of what’s changing for them.

For customers paying monthly, this change takes effect on May 11. For customers paying annually, this change takes effect at their next renewal date.

Standard plan pricing increasing to $30/month- but you can lock in the old price for a year

TopLeft hasn’t changed pricing in two years. In that time we’ve made numerous improvements, including:

  1. Dispatching and service calls
  2. Project boards, phase swimlanes, and visualization of ticket predecessors
  3. Metrics about budgeting and logged hours
  4. Support for custom fields/UDFs
  5. Ticket timers
  6. Worldwide hosting regions

We even introduced two significant features yesterday- ticket editing and automatic card ranking!

So we can continue to invest in making Kanban boards to help you control your work, we are increasing pricing for ConnectWise customers. Monthly pricing will increase for Autotask customers when we introduce some key additional features later this year.

ConnectWise monthly licenses are increasing from $27 to $30. We’re limiting the size of the price increase in consideration of the accompanying licensing model change that will result in additional licensing needs for some customers.

ConnectWise annual licenses are increasing from $21/month to $25/month. This price represents two free months compared to monthly payments.

Autotask annual licenses are increasing from $21/month to $22.50/month, to represent two free months compared to monthly payments.

How to lock in the old price for a year- save $108/user (30%) this year

Want to lock in the old pricing for a year and save up to $108 per user (30%)? For a limited time you can make an annual payment of $252/user vs $360/user at the new monthly price.

Contact us at before May 11 and we’ll set this up for you.

  • Customers currently paying monthly can begin an annual term.
  • Customers already paying annually can extend their annual term until May 11, 2022. For example, if your term was from January 1 2021 to January 1 2022, you can extend it by about 4.5 months to May 11, 2021, paying approximately $252/user x 4.5/12 = $94.5/user.

This offer applies to the license pricing, not to the license model change.