How to Visualize any ConnectWise Process
I was speaking last week with an MSP consultant in the UK, and he asked for a demo of creating a Kanban for their desired work process (weekly work sprints). One of their big goals is to avoid strict scheduling/dispatch for their project engineers, and instead create a batch of work for the next week that the team can work through.

Since we often receive requests for insight into how to visualize particular work flows in CW, I took this as an opportunity to create a short training module on how you might take any ConnectWise process and visualize it using Kanban. Check out the video here – It’s under 9 minutes and not super polished as I did it in a single take and we are marketing boot strap style 🙂

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – identify the business process (eg: helpdesk, sales, projects, NOC, proactive, etc)

Step 2 – map out the steps in the process value stream from start to finish

Step 3 – identify (or create/modify as required) the CW ticket statuses

Step 4 – create the CW board, with a left to right ticket flow

Step 5 – fine tune the board and modify WIP limits and visualization as required

The end result is a Kanban board that clearly shows the status of each project, lets the team focus on moving work from left to right, visualizes the Work in Progress (WIP) at each step, and lets management know at a glance what is falling behind.

Let me know if this is useful or not really?