Now you can get projects done on time

This is TopLeft Kanban for
Project Managers

What’s going on?

Dealing with multiple projects means data is coming to you from all sides, but data without organization is not useful information.

This is the typical challenge faced by PMs. They assign tasks but after that, it's hard to keep track of what's being worked on and by whom which will then make it even more difficult to identify when to take on new projects. Suddenly, they find themselves with too much stagnant work with no project completion in sight.

Take back control of your work with TopLeft Kanbans through quick visibility and simple prioritization

Plan multiple projects

Monitor each progress

Manage high-impact priorities

Communicate with the right people

A PM's work can be categorized into 4 main focus: planning, monitoring, managing, and communicating

TopLeft is designed exactly to help you in each aspect

Plan multiple projects

Ensure the health of your project portfolio by having visibility on all of them- from new to completed in a single,
consolidated dashboard
  • Create swimlanes by project
  • Consider the number of tasks per week
  • Assign and delegate to your team

Monitor each progress

See each phase of every project as it
happens in real-time, so you can maximize your resources and address bottlenecks more efficiently.
  • Identify what's upcoming
  • Stay on schedule with a clear view on due dates and deadlines
  • Address neglect indicators

Manage high-impact priorities

Know exactly what project and task needs to be worked on first by your team to
deliver high-value service to your
stakeholders and clients.
  • Rank tasks based on priority
  • Work on what's urgent and important
  • Complete projects on time

Communicate with the right people

Collaborate more strategically and
eliminate the need for long, tedious, and unproductive meetings with a clear view on who's working on what.
  • Keep everybody on the same page
  • Make it easy for your team to update task status
  • Encourage ownership and accountability


You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Frank Hanford

Solutions Architect at CoreTech

Frank Hannaford

Straight-forward implementation of Kanban for Project Management that is fully integrated with ConnectWise PSA!.

We manage a lot of Projects (40 - 60 at a time) and TopLeft has proven to improve focus and save time capturing critical information needed to keep projects on schedule!

Alex Anderson

ex-Project Manager at Helixstorm

Alex Anderson-1

With TopLeft, it takes much less time for me to communicate, assign, and correct statuses.

I had a project with 55–60 tickets that needed assignments and status correction. In
ConnectWise, it takes me around 45 minutes to complete the job; while in TopLeft, it only took me 13 minutes.