Ensure client satisfaction through faster ticket resolution

This is TopLeft Kanban for
Service Managers

Do we have the capability to deliver
all service requests?

Managing and maintaining client relationships can be challenging when you don't see how the service delivery process operates as it happens. 

Being a service manager involves a very crucial responsibility- delivering services to clients.

From managing the requests to coordinating different service delivery teams, having no visibility on the current stage of completion can result in too many open tickets that will not meet the SLAs. With        customer experience at stake, finding a more effective approach to fulfill service requests is simply non-negotiable.

A better way to work with TopLeft Kanbans
through ticket flow optimization and
service request prioritization

See ticket assignments and status

Set and
customize priority

Deliver value


Experience the power of TopLeft to make the entire service delivery process more streamlined and agile

See ticket assignments and status

Streamline your service management workflow with Kanban boards that provide real-time visibility into ticket assignments, progress, and bottlenecks.
  • Know what techs are actively working on
  • Get more accurate delivery time estimates
  • Track and monitor all billable hours

Set priority levels that
make sense to you

Gain greater control over service delivery and complete urgent and important tickets through the right priority management strategies.
  • Order tickets by priority, due date, budget, and more
  • Know exactly what needs to be worked on first
  • Eliminate bottlenecks that can slow down your team

deliver value efficiently

Maximize customer satisfaction with an integrated platform designed to optimize delivery processes and timely ticket completion.
  • Minimize response times by setting realistic WIP limits
  • Accelerate service efficiency through predictable but flexible workflows
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing real-time updates

encourage transparent

Eliminate ambiguity and guesswork by
being on the same page about project
and ticket status without the need for
multiple meetings.
  • Share project visibility with relevant people
  • Support collaborative problem-solving
  • Align client expectations and SLAs


You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Judi Noell Baker

Sevice Desk Manager, Seitel Systems

Judi Baker-1

We see value in using TopLeft.

We have seen firsthand how it has helped us visualize our workflows, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve our processes.

We've even brought in new team members who were able to rapidly get up to speed with TopLeft.

Sarah Ellis

CIO at Clear Guidance - Austin, Tx

Sarah Ellis

TopLeft turned project management from staring at huge lists, impossible to prioritize, into easily digestible, very visually compelling information.

We are no longer looking at a mountain of data wondering how to break it up. It’s already broken up for us by TopLeft, which makes it much easier to see the flow of tickets.

Before, we also weren’t able to see projects side-by-side—something we can now do thanks to TopLeft.