Why Service Managers Use TopLeft

✔️  Increase team


✔️  Meet customers SLAs


✔️  Avoid overloaded




✔️  Identify unassigned

      and missed tickets


Service Manager Im

Take Back Control Of Your Work

With Kanban

Find and eliminate bottlenecks

We know that bottlenecks slow down your team. Thanks to Kanban, you can identify bottlenecks by visually showing a large number of tickets in a single status or technician.

Team communication 

Say goodbye to miscommunication; everyone in your team can use Kanban boards to communicate about work.

Improve your workflows

Identify neglected work, upcoming SLAs, or due dates by highlighting cards that haven’t recently changed status. 


Deliver value quickly

Set work in progress (WIP) limit to avoid your engineers working on too much at once.



Visibility by ranking




Tickets can be ordered by priority, due date, schedule time, budget, logged hours, or rank tickets manually for the ultimate flexible work. 

Drag and drop cards





Use drag-and-drop to position cards within columns, indicating the importance of work to engineers.

See work assignments

and scheduling


Assign and unassign team members, and improve schedule accuracy. 

Enter ticket time and



We know that entering time and notes in your tickets is time-consuming. With TopLeft, your engineers can do it directly from the boards in real-time.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Client Image
Judi Baker

Seitel Systems, Seattle

Absolutely have seen improvement – especially in the visibility of work. We have a call every morning to discuss work from Kanban. In three months we improved from 18 blocked tickets to 11, and 34 active tickets down to 1.

Client Image
Roman Massey

Raxxos, Surrey

With TopLeft, it was easy to identify the easy tickets that a junior tech could do. The engineer’s work in progress was slashed from 50 tickets to 20.

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