Now you can
Manage your
time and your
tasks easily

This is TopLeft Kanban for
Engineers and Technicians

Are feeling micromanaged?

Micromanagement is most often a result of MSPs not having the visibility then need to empower their team. 

Picture this- as an engineer or technician, your day-to-day responsibilities are constantly interrupted by your MSP having to follow up on ticket status, progress reports, time entires, and PSA updates. This causes additional tension to an already overwhelming role of handling helpdesk tickets and projects.

It's a lose-lose situation for you and your MSP. 

A better way to work with TopLeft Kanbans through interactive visualization and ticket organization

See everything in one glance

Organize your work tickets

Make time entries efficiently

Eliminate overwhelm

Explore how TopLeft Kanban boards can transform your workflow, maximize efficiency, and complete tickets consistently

see everything in one glance

Integrate your existing PSA tool with TopLeft Kanban, so all useful and available data is stored and connected for a streamlined view at your projects.
  • Visualize the day’s priorities
  • Highlight priority and neglected tickets
  • See multiple tickets at once

Organize your work tickets

Simplify workflows through a visual and intuitive Kanban interface, making it easy for technicians and engineers to understand and navigate their tickets.
  • Simply the dispatching process
  • Manage progress from stage to stage
  • Move from chaos to clarity

Make time entries efficiently

Log your time directly on the tickets you worked on through an integrated time tracking capability allow for a more accurate resource allocation and project planning.
  • Reduce scheduling errors
  • Estimate time accurately
  • Reduce dispatching time

Eliminate overwhelm

Set a predefined limit on the number of tasks or tickets that can be in progress simultaneously, encouraging focus and improving workload management.
  • Limit work in progress
  • Finish work before starting new work
  • Steer clear of backlogs