What’s going on at CWKanban?

A lot has been happening at CW Kanban over the past few months. We’ve made steady improvements to the application and have improved other parts of the business too. Here are some of the things we’ve been working on and how they benefit you:

Chat support on website

You can now chat with us for technical or sales help, getting answers to your questions almost immediately. Just visit https://www.topleft.team/ and click the “Questions?” button hovering at the bottom-right corner of the screen. We’re available weekdays between 9-5 Pacific Time.

Embed CW Kanban in ConnectWise

CW Kanban can now be embedded in your ConnectWise application, making it even easier and faster to use. You can configure tabs in ConnectWise that show Kanban, such as on the Today page or company or ticket pages. This is a beta feature and we’re looking for people to help test and evaluate it. See https://www.topleft.team/configure-connectwise-embedded

Get trained

We’re offering free training sessions to all new and existing customers. Do you have questions about using CW Kanban? Finding it difficult to adopt Kanban or agile methods in your business? We’ve been helping new customers come on board quickly with Kanban (both the product and the methodology), and we’re now offering the same training to all customers. Just reply if you’d like to set up a free 45-minute session. We’re also planning to offer an advanced paid consulting package, including help with ConnectWise setup and a package of ready-made organization workflows. Let us know if you’re interested in paid training.

New roles

Matt Fox, one of the early developers of CW Kanban, has become VP of the product. This represents a new focus on increasing development velocity and improving the overall Kanban experience. 

You can reach Matt directly at matt@cwkanban.com.

Other news

Coming soon…

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on now. We expect to have more details about these improvements in the next update.

  • Add time entries to tickets directly in Kanban
  • Manager subscription plan- an alternate licensing mode where instead of licensing members whose tickets appear on boards, licensing is based on how many users can log in. This is ideal for companies where project managers or service dispatchers use Kanban but the technicians do not.
  • Referral program- we’ll be offering account credit for referring new customers

Thanks for reading!