Learning Center: Lean and Kanban

    Are you making use of both key types of Kanban boards?

    The simplest possible Kanban board has columns for Todo, Doing, and Done. This basic layout is used as an example wherever Kanban techniques are taught. It’s an example of a general board, one that tracks any type of...

    7 Jan

    Knock Out Waste in Your MSP- the 7 Kanban Wastes

    Get ready to knock out waste in your MSP! For a long time manufacturers using Kanban have used the 7 Kanban Wastes to identify and eliminate waste in their processes. Did you know MSPs can use the same framework to...

    12 Nov

    Project Management with Kanban- for MSPs

    Ever been frustrated with project management in ConnectWise or Autotask? Yeah- we were too.

    25 Sep

    MS Planner doesn’t work with ConnectWise, but this Kanban board does

    More and more project-focused MSPs are using Microsoft Planner. Planner is a visual tool for arranging work items in columns, showing how work is progressing through a pipeline of work in the team. It’s a form of Kanban...

    27 Aug

    Project boards available in TopLeft Kanban

    TopLeft is very pleased to announce Kanban boards for projects. Now you can visualize your projects (not just project tickets and tasks) as they progress through your team workflows!

    29 Jul

    How Much Neglect is OK? Tips for MSP Service Managers

    Neglected tickets can be a major problem for MSPs. Tickets that sit without any work being done are frustrating for both your customers and your team. We’ve already mentioned some causes of neglected work and how it...

    13 Jul

    Neglected Tickets Impact Your MSP Customers and Team in These 5 Ways

    All MSPs suffer from neglected work from time to time. At some MSPs it’s temporary and quickly brought under control. At some MSPs it’s endemic- there’s always numerous tickets that haven’t had any work done recently,...

    6 Jul

    3 Problems That Cause Neglected Tickets in MSPs

    One challenge faced by every MSP is ensuring that service and project tickets are started, worked, and completed in a reasonable amount of time. Some MSPs have mastered this; others not so much. It’s common for MSPs to...

    26 Jun

    MSP Project Management with Kanban – Webinar

    Where’s the Recording? Missed the webinar or want to review again? The recording is available online.

    24 Apr

    Economic Storm Business Survival Guide

    Our good friend, entrepreneur and business coach Manuel Palachuk, is delivering a webinar on March 31 to help you understand the economic implications of what’s happening- and how to survive it.

    26 Mar

    Getting Ready to Accelerate Out of The Hairpin Curve

    Business won’t be the same even when the crisis is over. Wim Kerkhoff, founder of TopLeft and the MSP Kerkhoff Technologies, shares thoughts on remote work and four things you can do to prepare your MSP to be better...

    26 Mar