We’ve Launched Two New Training Programs

We know that you have too much on your plate, and we want you to avoid worrying about how to start receiving results from TopLeft.

Today, TopLeft is introducing two new training programs:

The first new program is the Concierge Onboarding training. It is a 1-hour remote video call where we’ll set up your first Kanban boards and teach you the most helpful parts of the application. Stop worrying about how to figure out TopLeft. Thanks to this training, you won’t need preparation or research to start using TopLeft.

The second new option is the Agile MSP Training + PSA Consulting. If you’ve heard about agile practices and know that they can transform your business- but you don’t understand them well enough yourself to teach them to your team, no problem! Let TopLeft teach you and your team how to take back control of your work using agile practices. As an option, you can also ensure you’re using PSA best practices with four sessions from a TopLeft-certified partner and industry PSA guru.

We also want to remind you that we already have a couple of other programs in place.

TopLeft offers regular Drop-In Training sessions twice per week (Tuesday and Wednesday). In these sessions, we’ll show you how to use and configure the software, how to improve service and project practices, demo new features, and answer questions. These FREE, open-format training sessions are for existing and upcoming customers.

If you are feeling that tickets stay open for weeks or even months, work is forgotten until customers follow up, your engineers feel overwhelmed, and there is no time for proactive work, what you need is the Completed Ticket Challenge. This is a three-week boot camp for MSPs who need to get back control of their work right now.

With training from TopLeft, you can get back to focusing on your clients- not thinking about how to adopt a new tool or teach your team about agile practices. Visit our training programs.

Training Programs