Got too many tickets?

Does this describe how your MSP works?

  • Tickets stay open for weeks or months
  • Work is forgotten until customers follow up
  • Managers have no idea when a ticket will be completed
  • Engineers feel overwhelmed
  • There’s no time for proactive work

At TopLeft, we understand how this feels. TopLeft was born from an MSP that had these problems. But instead of accepting it as normal, we figured out how to fix it with Kanban practices and tools.

Control the Chaos In Three Weeks – Join the Completed Ticket Challenge

Join the Completed Ticket Challenge from TopLeft, a three-week bootcamp for MSPs who need to take back control of their work right now.

Your and your team will learn to:

  • Use Kanban boards to visualize your team’s work using data already in your ConnectWise or Autotask PSA
  • Ensure tickets are just the right size- not too big and not too small
  • Identify old, neglected work
  • Easily keep your tickets up-to-date
  • Work on the most important tickets before less important tickets
  • Improve team clarity and communication with a 10-minute daily huddle
  • Finish work before starting new work
Chart of ticket count

Actual participant results- steep reduction in tickets over three weeks

I wish the Completed Ticket Challenge existed when we first adopted Kanban. It’s all the Kanban ticket workflow onboarding you need to get started.

James Troup

General Manager, Kodo Business Computer Support

How does the Completed Ticket Challenge Work?

Many MSPs have tried and failed to improve their practices. So we’ve built a program that’s easy to follow, with crystal-clear instructions and a community to help.

Here’s what the program includes:

  • 4 guides delivered to your inbox each week with accompanying video instruction
  • Weekly community call- bring questions and suggestions for your peers who are reaching for the same goal
  • Online community access for 24/7 questions and encouragement

The Completed Ticket Challenge is available for USD $399 $199. Past participants tell us it’s a steal at this price!

Expect to spend 3-5 hours per week implementing the instructions. This challenge is for MSPs committed to improving. There’s no sitting on the sidelines- only players allowed in this game!

Your participation includes 3 people, so you and 2 others from your team can receive the content and participate in the community.

CTC sessions start every Monday.

New to TopLeft?

We’d love to hear what you need to improve in your MSP, show you how Kanban can help, and get you started with the Completed Ticket Challenge and our Kanban software.

Completed Ticket Challenge doubles the Kanban trial length from 14 days to 28 days.

TopLeft Customers

As a TopLeft customer, you’ll have a running start because you already have Kanban boards and familiarity with the software. Start taking back control of your work today!

To join, email us by clicking the button below, or add it to your subscription yourself in the app: click Admin, Plans, Edit Subscription, and select the challenege as a subscription add-on.

A worker with work under control