MSP Project Management with Kanban – Webinar

Where’s the Recording?

Missed the webinar or want to review again? The recording is available online.


What’s the worst part about managing projects in ConnectWise or Autotask? Is it the lack of visibility into a project’s tasks? The inability to manage your whole portfolio of projects? Or the way it takes 100 clicks to do basic functions? At TopLeft we frequently hear these complaints from MSPs that use ConnectWise or Autotask.

Project management in your MSP doesn’t have to be painful. Kanban boards for ConnectWise or Autotask can make things so much easier- and we’d like to invite you to learn how to manage projects in a simple and effective way using Kanban.

Attend the webinar to learn how to:

  • Identify important project work (hint: it doesn’t come only from customers)
  • Break down the work into manageable chunks
  • Create realistic time or complexity estimates
  • Assign work to engineers without creating bottlenecks that ruin team responsiveness
  • Monitor projects and adapt as necessary
  • Communicate clearly and concisely about projects in your team- always important, but now it’s critical when your team is 100% remote

And we’ll show you and Kanban boards allow you to do this for your whole project portfolio with the ease of drag-and-drop on a single screen.

Here’s what one PM said about TopLeft Kanban boards: “Turned project management from staring at huge lists, impossible to prioritize, into easily digestible, very visually compelling information.”

Date and time: Wednesday, April 29 @ 3 PM EST/12 noon PST

Can’t make the date? Register anyway and we’ll send you a link when the recording is available.