Learning Center: Lean and Kanban

    What it means to be DOING Kanban

    So I’ve been thinking about this question for a while… what does it mean to be doing Kanban? Obviously I’ve been committed to Kanban for a while as we’ve built a solution around it, but even though we have all kinds of...

    11 Jun

    Comparison of ConnectWise Manage Agile Board to CW Kanban

    How CW Agile Board is currently better than CW Kanban Quick Create for ticket Block/Unblock tickets (without requiring a specific status) Can work on tickets in simple mode – hide finance, resources etc with a link to...

    11 Jun

    How your MSP techs can always work on the #1 priority, without wasting time scheduling

    Every day in an MSP, decisions are made about what tickets the technicians should work on. Usually, this results in a dilemma: Do technicians select tickets all by themselves? This is fast and easy but has some big...

    3 Jun