Winning the Talent Retention Battle

MSP leaders that invest in the training and development of their people are sometimes afraid of the possibility that other companies could wind up benefitting from those investments. However, it’s important to remember that the number one reason people leave a company is if they don’t feel valued and aren’t incentivized to stay.

Another factor at play here is that customers notice regular turnover—and are usually not that happy about it. MSP leaders should take steps to keep their best people on board. We should also recognize that when we hire someone, we’re benefitting from the investment that person’s previous employer made in them. Everyone benefits when employers invest in their people.

Here are 3 things you must pay attention to, to win the battle of retaining your top talent:

  1. Value your people by investing in them – In addition to telling your people how valuable they are, show them by implementing the action items laid out in the previous blog post (link to this).
  2. Value your people by investing in them from day one – Build learning and development programs into a new hire’s onboarding experience. Doing that shows value right at the start, and it also gets them into a rhythm of engaging in these types of incentives.
  3. Value your people through review of their performance – In addition to rating them on the technical performance of their jobs, rate them also on the amount and types of training they’ve engaged in. In other words, reward them for their commitment to the investment you’ve made in them.