Remote Work Partner Roundtable

Wim Kerkhoff– CEO and founder of Kerkhoff Technologies, a Vancouver MSP, and TopLeft Kanban Boards for MSPs

I’m setting up our first Partner Roundtable session. Primary goal is to brainstorm how we can best support our MSPs’ service/project engineers that are now working remotely, to ensure they are on the same page and work is flowing very well. Secondarily, as time allows we can brainstorm and share creative ideas on how to help clients in this difficult and rapidly changing time. As we will be showing live real Kanban boards, this session will NOT be recorded. Any MSP (whether using our product or not) should get good value from this. If you are interested but can’t make it, do let me know so we can invite you for the next one! This will be an open format – no webinar/slide deck, just interaction and showcasing real world scenarios.

Tuesday, March 24th at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern.

The facilitators of the meeting are:

  • Steve Psaradellis, a Senior Project Manager, CEO and Enterprise Network Architect of TEBA in Australia
  • Manuel Palachuk, Coach/Author/Trainer/Speaker,
  • Matt Fox, VP TopLeft
  • Yours truly.

Hope to see you then!