Guest Podcast with Todd Kane from Evolved Management Consulting

Recently, Wim Kerkhoff, our CEO, was a guest on Todd Kane’s podcast Evolved Management Consulting. Wim shared his thoughts on the Kanban methodology as well has his experience developing the CWKanban product for ConnectWise users.

Following is the text as written on Todd’s blog, and you can check out the full podcast here:

“Anyone who has worked in software development or project management is familiar with a Kanban.

Kanban is a work management methodology where work is represented by cards or stickies that progress through stages in order to manage the flow of work through a system. This method was popularized out of the lean production system championed by Toyota. Today it’s probably most recognized in the agile software development method.

Wim saw the power of this system when he used it in the software development side of his business. He wanted to carry the same principles to his other business, which is an IT managed service company. His team developed Kanaban for Connectwise to bring the power of lean and the kanban system to IT management.”