Learning Center: Lean and Kanban

    Do Less to Do More: WIP Limits in Kanban

    Have you felt like your team is always busy, but nothing is ever quite finished? With a constant stream of new requests from clients and management, it’s easy to jump from task to task without delivering results.

    28 Apr

    The Top 10 Benefits of Kanban

    Kanban is a method applied across all fields of work to help teams drive down costs and become more efficient by visualizing and improving workflows. Kanban gives you the flexibility to build sustainable competitive...

    21 Apr

    How to Leverage Your Kanban Analytics in 4 Steps

    How can you leverage your Kanban analytics to make the most out of your improvement efforts? Is there an approach that will enable you to continuously realize business outcomes using your past performance data?

    20 Apr

    Winning the Talent Retention Battle

    MSP leaders that invest in the training and development of their people are sometimes afraid of the possibility that other companies could wind up benefitting from those investments. However, it’s important to remember...

    20 Apr

    Winning the Talent Development Battle

    Building a great team requires more than just hiring great people. Hiring great people is just the start. Talent has to be developed and nurtured over time, and it’s more than just a pat on the back and the occasional...

    20 Apr

    How to Read the Cumulative Flow Diagram [Infographic]

    The Kanban Method can help teams manage their workflows more efficiently but relying on your Kanban board alone isn’t going to help you achieve a stable process. You also need a way to identify bottlenecks and stabilize...

    20 Apr