Learning Center: Lean and Kanban

    7 Reasons to Use Kanban for Project Management

    Kanban for project management goes as far back as the early 1960s, with Industrial Engineer and Businessman Taiichi Ohno creating a simple inventory planning system for Toyota automotive. What pushed him to develop such...

    17 Feb

    We’re excited to announce our integration with Nave!

    TopLeft has partnered with Nave to turn your TopLeft board data into immersive graphs. Using TopLeft to implement key Kanban techniques helps you to make the workflow more visible and your team more productive. However,...

    1 Mar

    Cherry-picking Tickets Hurts Your Clients

    Allowing your team to cherry-pick tickets or tasks on their list hurts your clients, and you may not even realize this is going on. We know this kind of issue by experience, and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve...

    11 Jan

    3 Tips for improving project visibility

    If you feel that you are answering the same basic questions over and over, your team members aren’t engaging with projects. If there is confusion about deadlines, deliverables, and workflow, you, as a project manager,...

    2 Sep

    New Subscription Plan, Pricing, and Licensing

    TopLeft is excited to announce a new subscription plan for those who need the visibility offered by Kanban boards but don’t need to accelerate technician’s day-to-day work. It’s offered at half the price of the full...

    4 May

    New Features- Edit Tickets and Automatically Rank Cards

    We want you to be able to work faster and more confidently in your MSP, so we’re adding a couple of exciting capabilities to TopLeft.

    3 May

    Need to see your Autotask PSA data in Trello? Try this Kanban board instead

    Many people use Trello to manage their work. It excels in areas as varied as managing tasks in small-to-medium size projects to personal to-do lists.

    4 Feb

    How good is your multitasking? Try this simple game to find out

    In the modern world, multitasking is common and everyone thinks they’re good at it. You’re able to frequently switch between a variety of tasks without getting distracted or slowing down, right?

    21 Jan

    Are you making use of both key types of Kanban boards?

    The simplest possible Kanban board has columns for Todo, Doing, and Done. This basic layout is used as an example wherever Kanban techniques are taught. It’s an example of a general board, one that tracks any type of...

    7 Jan

    How Much Neglect is OK? Tips for MSP Service Managers

    Neglected tickets can be a major problem for MSPs. Tickets that sit without any work being done are frustrating for both your customers and your team. We’ve already mentioned some causes of neglected work and how it...

    13 Jul

    Neglected Tickets Impact Your MSP Customers and Team in These 5 Ways

    All MSPs suffer from neglected work from time to time. At some MSPs it’s temporary and quickly brought under control. At some MSPs it’s endemic- there’s always numerous tickets that haven’t had any work done recently,...

    6 Jul

    3 Problems That Cause Neglected Tickets in MSPs

    One challenge faced by every MSP is ensuring that service and project tickets are started, worked, and completed in a reasonable amount of time. Some MSPs have mastered this; others not so much. It’s common for MSPs to...

    26 Jun

    Webinar – Autotask December Update December 20

    We’ve been working very hard on Kanban boards for Autotask and want you to know the latest news! Join the webinar to hear:

    13 Dec