Want Kanban for Autotask?

Kanban for Datto Autotask PSA

Is this you?

  • Want to adopt Agile and Lean concepts in your service and project teams?
  • Need a way to visualize the status of tickets in your system, cut through the noise, identify bottlenecks, and know what really needs to be dealt with today?
  • Interested in Agile Service Delivery?
  • Read the Phoenix Project book and are itching to implement it?

TopLeft Kanban Boards Support Autotask!

You can view your Autotask ticket and task information in Kanban boards- making it easy to see what your whole team is working on and how tickets are progressing through your workflows.

  • Synchronization of Tickets, Resources, Projects, Accounts, Status, Priority, and Queues
  • Drag & drop for ordering tickets in columns and for moving tickets between columns, which updates ticket status in Autotask.
  • Basic display filters to further refine the tickets shown on a board (i.e. technician can filter to see only his or her assigned tickets)
  • Horizontal swimlanes to group tickets by assigned tech, company, priority, queue, etc.
  • In-app management of ticket fields- primary member assignments, time entry, ticket status, ticket priority, secondary assignments, and service calls
  • Display and highlighting of ticket SLAs
  • Show project tasks in their phases
  • Show top-level projects in their workflow

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Want to take back control of your work in Autotask?

Let us show you how Kanban can accelerate your work, eliminate neglected work and bottlenecks, and keep your whole team on the same page.