Kanban Boards for ConnectWise Manage. A more efficient way to manage MSP workflows

Overwhelmed by the ticket backlog, endless meetings, and angry client calls? Kanban Boards by TopLeft help you better manage your projects and engineering teams, and keep your clients happy.

  • Get your teams on the same page
  • Stop work from falling through the cracks
  • Avoid miscommunication
  • Manage projects with fewer clicks
  • Reduce micromanagement (and the number of meetings)

Two-way integration with ConnectWise

It shows you the data you already have so it's instantly useful. And it eliminates entering data in two systems.

Laptop TopLeft (10 × 6 in)

For Project & Service Managers

  • Avoid miscommunication by having your team use the same tool and see the same data

  • Visualize multiple projects at a time

  • Prevent large ticket backlogs by limiting work in progress, by project, individual engineer, ticket priority, or ConnectWise board

  • Identify and address problem tickets and bottlenecks faster with automatic color highlights

  • Assign tasks to engineers much faster than in your PSA

  • Ensure your engineers know what they need to do next without wasting your time looking for free spots in their calendar

For Engineers

  • Understand what ticket to work on next without having to keep up with a strict calendar schedule

  • Reduce overwhelm by visualizing today’s priorities

  • Enter ticket time and notes, edit ticket title, due date, and other general fields directly from TopLeft (the data will be automatically synced with your PSA)

  • Change a ticket status by simply drag-and-dropping it into a different column

  • Quickly see and fix your problem tickets (and avoid the dreaded "Can I get an update on this?" emails from your clients)

  • Have a single place to show all your work to discuss it with your manager and team faster and more efficiently

ConnectWise vs. TopLeft

TopLeft shows you the tickets, projects, and opportunities you already have in ConnectWise, but in a way that's much easier to understand.

Show service and project tickets

Show service and project tickets -CW
WIP limits

Manage engineer's work and schedule


Manage engineer's work and schedule - cw
show tickets grouped by the assigned engineer

Track your project portfolio


Track your project portfolio
Get an overview of your projects at a glance.

Only in TopLeft

There is no equivalent in ConnectWise

See details of multiple projects

Show the details of all your projects on a single page. No more clicking and waiting while you view a single project at a time in ConnectWise.

Projects View

Highlighting problem tickets

Easily find problem tickets by highlighting stalled, overdue, or overbudget work. 

Identify Neglected Work-1

Flexible ranking of tickets

Rank tickets to organize your team's work, making it easy to communicate about your highest priorities.

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Its great to see where your work is across all boards in Connectwise, it gives you a holistic view of the work.

Candice Lester, Senior Project Manager SecureCom

One of the biggest problems we had was managing both project and service tickets, being that we just have one team that does all work combined with CW separating project and service work in their system.
By moving to Kanban with TopLeft, we were able to clear our project backlog, reduce scheduling errors/issues, improve schedule accuracy, customer satisfaction and reduced management/dispatching time.

Derek Wood, COO OneIT

TopLeft allowed us to consolidate systems, we were using two separate systems causing confusion and duplication. With TopLeft we have been able to remove a different tool and now integrate TopLeft on top of our ConnectWise system/data.

Jason Gillman, VP of Technology Roydan

TopLeft is used by 150 MSPs in 11 countries