Project Management
with TopLeft

Have the power to address the most
common and complex MSP gaps.

What is AutoTask

AutoTask is a cloud-based IT business management platform designed for managed service providers (MSPs) and other IT service businesses. It offers a suite of tools for manag ing various aspects of an IT service business, including ticketing and help desk, project management, customer relati gement (CRM), billing and invoicing, and remote monitoring and management (RMM) of client devices and networks.

Give AutoTask the ability to do more with TopLeft’s Kanban Boards

Project Leads would know that visibility is key to completing tasks efficiently and effectively. TopLeft provides exactly that - the capability for you to optimize and maximize how you use AutoTask as a PSA tool. With our Kanban Boards, your strategy in monitoring and managing your queues becomes more cohesive, streamlined, and effortless.

AT Ability-1

The TopLeft Advantage

There is so much more to AutoTask automation than you think


Visualize project and
team progress

Make project management more visual and transparent for your team


Accelerate help
desk dispatch

Improve customer service by tracking and resolving tickets faster


Eliminate productivity

identify, address, and resolve roadblocks from a data-driven standpoint

AutoTask - Innovating While Automating

See the difference between using the MSP alone versus its potential with the TopLeft integration

CW Wiser 01 - Ticket View

Ticket Queue

CW Wiser 02 - Pipeline

Team Capacity
and Pipeline

CW Wiser 03 - Portfolio

Project Status and

Only in TopLeft

Explore features that are only available when ConnectWise is powered by the TopLeft plugin

Project Portfolio View

Manage multiple projects in a single,
simplified board

CW Only 01 View Multiple

Escalation Ticket Categorization

Address escalation tickets through
priority-based tagging

CW Only 02 Swimlanes

Swimlane Workflows

See ticket owners and progress real-time

CW Only 03 Tag Tickets

Checklist Completion

Breakdown work and assign efficiently to
deliver results

CW Only 04 Task Priorities


You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Alex Anderson,
Project Manager

Helixstorm, Irvine

With TopLeft, it takes much less time for me to communicate, assign, and correct statuses.

I had a project with 55–60 tickets that needed assignments and status correction. In
ConnectWise, it takes me around 45 minutes to complete the job; while in TopLeft, it only took me 13 minutes.

Erik Woodland,
Pro Support Engineer

Intermix IT, Harrisburg

I appreciate the ease of being able to input time into tasks. The UI is far easier to navigate than in Autotask.

 I also have a more visually friendly view of all projects and tasks with their associated status. It is very helpful to see what’s going on project-wise at a glance.