In just three weeks, eliminate existing blockers to your process and form new habits designed to make your MSP operations more efficient, streamlined, and manageable

What is this?

The Completed Ticket Challenge is a 3-week program created to help MSPs like you establish new practices so you can manage your workflow better and actually get things done.

By spending 30 to 60 minutes a day, you will learn how to:

  • Integrate your ConnectWise and AutoTask PSA data with TopLeft.
  • Set up your Kanban boards to evaluate and optimise your team’s work faster.
  • Establish a realistic and manageable ticket size based on your team’s capacity.
  • Identify and address old, overdue, and unattended tickets.
  • Help your team of engineers manage priority and critical tickets.
  • Ensure tickets are finished first before working on new ones.
  • Improve team collaboration with a short but productive daily 10-minute meetings.

What does this program include?

Email-Based Weekly Guidance
Over a course of three weeks, you'll receive a series of guides complemented by video tutorials, designed to help you achieve your weekly objectives.

Week 1

Conduct an Assessment

Employ TopLeft to get a clear picture of your present workload

Week 2

Fix the Faults

Tidy up your tickets and ensure completion of current tasks prior to undertaking new ones, preventing a pile-up of ongoing work

Week 3

Clear the Backlog

Handle older tickets through strategic restructuring, follow-ups, closures, or finally dedicating time to them

Weekly Interactive Zoom Sessions
Engage in a dynamic exchange of your experiences and hurdles, pose questions, and share recommendations with other MSPs who share similar objectives.

For Existing Clients

Just register from the TopLeft app by choosing it as a subscription add-on.

Simply click on Admin > Manage Subscription > Edit > Completed Ticket Challenge.

Or email us -


You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Alex Anderson,
Project Manager

Helixstorm, Irvine

With TopLeft, it takes much less time for me to communicate, assign, and correct statuses.

I had a project with 55–60 tickets that needed assignments and status correction. In
ConnectWise, it takes me around 45 minutes to complete the job; while in TopLeft, it only took me 13 minutes.

Erik Woodland,
Pro Support Engineer

Intermix IT, Harrisburg

I appreciate the ease of being able to input time into tasks. The UI is far easier to navigate than in Autotask.

 I also have a more visually friendly view of all projects and tasks with their associated status. It is very helpful to see what’s going on project-wise at a glance.