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Over 200+ MSPs prefer TopLeft's Kanban to Moovilla for its human-centric approach to seamless integration, agile teamwork and enhancing project and service delivery for the entire team.

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TopLeft helps you stay connected with your team

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  • Agile method
  • Custom Kanban boards
  • Dedicated coach
  • MSP centric support
  • Client portal
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  • Precise forecasting
  • Smart scheduling
  • Capacity planning
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Plan, monitor and execute in one place

Customize your project boards to fit your team's style, reducing burnout and overload. Our customizable boards ensure clarity and efficiency at each stage.

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Data accuracy

Rely on TopLeft for data that's as accurate and complete as your project demands. In contrast to Moovila, we ensure your data serves you, not the other way around.

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MSP assistance

Beyond software, TopLeft partners in your growth with comprehensive training, aligning your team for peak performance and client satisfaction.

A tool is not enough - mindset and influencing the entire team to change how they look at work is vital to making a real difference.

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Seamless integration

TopLeft excels in integrating daily operations for managers and technicians into ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask.

We focus on streamlining day-to-day activities, including updates, time entries, and scheduling, ensuring efficiency at every level.

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Get to know the features that make managing your MSP projects a breeze

Enjoy collaborative efficiency with TopLeft's Kanban view, offering a shared, real-time perspective on projects and tickets between MSPs and clients for seamless updates.

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TopLeft offers a bi-directional link with ConnectWise and Autotask, bringing enhanced Kanban visualization directly into your workflow—no more battling APIs or third-party tools for integration.

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Our Kanban boards adjust to your needs. Organize, prioritize, and manage your projects with a system that's built to match your MSP's unique way of working.

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Tailored workflows

Tailored workflows

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Customize your workflow to perfection.

TopLeft's flexible Kanban boards, complete with swimlanes and neglected work alerts, lets you adjust ticket views and SLAs for a workflow that truly fits your team.

Don’t waste time, switch to TopLeft now.

TopLeft pairs you with a dedicated success coach, ensuring your MSP's needs are met with personalized, hands-on support for a seamless experience.

Happily serving 200+ customers and more

At TopLeft, our customers are our stars, and we do everything to keep them shining bright. We're proud of our top-notch customer service; it's a badge we wear with honor.

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Sarah Ellis,

CIO at Clear Guidance

"TopLeft turned project management from staring at huge lists, impossible to prioritize, into easily digestible, very visually compelling information.

We are no longer looking at a mountain of data wondering how to break it up. It’s already broken up for us by TopLeft, which makes it much easier to see the flow of tickets.

Before, we also weren’t able to see project side-by-side — something we can now do thanks to TopLeft."

Steve Psaradellis,


"We were able to move our average project delivery from negative efficiency to positive 33% efficiency. So we finish projects now with an average of 1/3 time left over!

TopLeft is an extremely affordable investment, considering the costs of switching PSAs and the efficiency improvements."

Matthew Kaufman,

CEO at KaufmanIT

(2nd week of CTC program):

"It's weird that this is the exact same data in a new visual form, but suddenly everybody knows which tickets should have been closed when they didn't just with ConnectWise.

(Closed almost 300 old or finished tickets out of 450 in a week)"

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