Implementation Call

Our free implementation success sessions are the best way to get quick wins today while building long-term success with Kanban practices.

It involves goal alignment, a detailed roadmap, a product walkthrough, addressing any concerns or questions you have, and setting the stage for ongoing support for a mutually successful partnership.

This is for both new and existing clients.

Office Hours

Schedule an informal, open-format training session anytime! Come to one session or many- it’s up to you. Bring any questions or issues you’ve been having. Come if you’re brand new or have used TopLeft for years.

Concierge Onboarding

Stressed about how to figure out TopLeft? Just show up for this 1-hour call and we’ll set up your first Kanban boards and teach you the most helpful parts of the application. Leave the call with more insight into your work than you had before- guaranteed.


Completed Ticket Challenge

At your MSP, do tickets stay open for weeks or months? Is work forgotten until customers follow up? Is there no time for proactive work?

Then you need the Completed Ticket Challenge, a 3-week crash course on actually completing work.