Kanban for SyncroMSP

Is this you?

  • Your MSP runs on Syncro
  • You want to adopt Agile and Lean concepts in your service and project teams
  • You need a way to visualize the status of tickets in your system, cut through the noise, identify bottlenecks, and know what really needs to be dealt with today
  • You’re interested in Agile Service Delivery
  • You’ve read the Phoenix Project book and are itching to implement it

Should TopLeft add support for SyncroMSP?

TopLeft already supports ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA. If lack of support for SyncroMSP makes you shed a tear, let us know. We’re making a list of interested folks so we know when’s the right time to integrate with Syncro.

Count me in!

Enter your info here so we know you’re interested in SyncroMSP support. We’ll reach out when we need further info or begin to build the integration.