Take back control of your work with Kanban

Make sense of your PSA data

Finally, a tool that helps you understand your work instead of just recording the data and hoping you can make sense of it all. Understand your project, service, and sales work by showing it on a Kanban board.

  • Visualize tasks by status and easily update the status on the board- just drag-and-drop cards between columns
  • Use drag-and-drop to position cards within columns, indicating the importance of work to engineers
  • Group cards in horizontal lanes to review work by project, by engineer, type, priority, etc.
  • Easily see work assignments and scheduling
  • Prioritize work intelligently by highlighting cards with upcoming SLAs or due dates
  • Track all your projects at a glance with clear visibility into project engineer workloads and estimated start dates

Kanban works with ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA.

Visualize what you do today

You don’t need to make major changes to your workflows before using Kanban. Boards are flexible and can visualize what you’re doing today.


  • No limit to Kanban boards- you can make one for every workflow in your organization
  • Use flexible filters to show exactly the right tickets, tasks, opportunities, and projects for each workflow
  • To emphasize work that needs special handling, you can customize card appearance from properties of the ticket
  • Map statuses from your PSA to columns on your boards. Columns can have multiple statuses, giving you flexibility in how your workflow is reflected on the board.
  • Automatically rank cards according to customizable properties.

Level up your efficiency

Work faster by performing common tasks right in Kanban.


  • View and update priority, due dates, time estimates, titles and descriptions, and more
  • Dispatch to engineer calendars
  • Assign and unassign members
  • Enter time and notes on tickets
  • View ticket notes
  • Open the ticket, task, or opportunity in the web-based PSA with just one click
  • Find your work for today all on one page- no more clicking deep into the PSA app to find what you’re working on

Improve your workflows

Make your workflows more predictable and responsive while you reduce wait times, waste, and defects. Only if you want to make your customers very happy.


  • Deliver value quickly by setting work-in-progress (WIP) limits to avoid working on too much at once.
  • Identify neglected work by highlighting cards that haven’t recently changed status or had a new time entry or note.
  • Find bottlenecks by seeing which columns or horizontal lanes have the most cards.

We’ve been able to clean up project tickets immensely because of Kanban.

Sarah Ellis

Clear Guidance

See the same data everywhere

Kanban sends and receives data from your PSA in real-time, so it’s always the same whether you’re using Kanban or your PSA. And any reports, tools, or other integrations you use will continue to work.

Kanban can show these kinds of records:

  • For ConnectWise Manage: service and project tickets, projects, sales opportunities, and activities
  • For Datto Autotask PSA: service tickets, project tasks, and projects; sales opportunities coming soon

Take back control of your work with Kanban