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MSPs can use visually intuitive Kanban boards that align directly with HaloPSA’s database, ensuring a seamless transition of data and updates. This feature is particularly beneficial for teams that require a clear, immediate overview of all project statuses and ticket resolutions.

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Enjoy a comprehensive view of project and ticket progress across different departments or teams within your organization. Swimlanes allow tasks to be categorized by project, client, or team member, providing a structured overview that highlights the flow of work and helps identify bottlenecks or delays in the process.

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With this integration, as soon as a team member updates a ticket status, logs time, or adds a new note in TopLeft, the information is instantly updated in HaloPSA. This eliminates the lag that can often occur in systems where manual updates are necessary, thus reducing the risk of errors or outdated information influencing decision-making or client communications.

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Adopt Agile and Lean concepts in your service
and project teams

Promotes a quicker response to critical issues and a systematic approach to handling less urgent tasks
with TopLeft integration with HaloPSA.




For MSPs, the immediate data update means that every team member can access the latest information, no matter where or what device they use. Whether a technician updates a ticket status or a project manager adjusts a task’s deadline, the changes are propagated instantly across both systems, ensuring consistency and reliability in project tracking and management.

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TopLeft enhances the user experience within HaloPSA by introducing a drag-and-drop interface, making task management intuitive and interactive. This feature transforms your digital workspace into a visual task board where users can physically manipulate tasks represented as cards across different stages of the project lifecycle.

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Integrating TopLeft with HaloPSA improves MSPs' problem management by incorporating interactive and responsive features directly into your Kanban board. This integration facilitates enhanced ticket-handling capabilities, such as prioritization, tagging for escalation, and direct management through customized workflow paths.

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See why TopLeft is the top choice for MSPs

Join over 200 MSPs using TopLeft to gain visibility, remove bottlenecks, and reduce costs.

Steve Psaradellis - CEO of TEBA - AU

We were able to move our average project delivery from negative efficiency to positive 33% efficiency. So we finish projects now with an average of 1/3 time left over!

TopLeft is an extremely affordable investment, considering the costs of switching PSAs and the efficiency improvements.

Judi Noell Baker - Sevice Desk Manager, Seitel Systems

We see value in using TopLeft.

We have seen firsthand how it has helped us visualize our workflows, identify bottlenecks and continuously improve our processes.

We've even brought in new team members who were able to rapidly get up to speed with TopLeft.

Frank Hannaford - Solutions Architect at CoreTech

Straight-forward implementation of Kanban for Project Management that is fully integrated with ConnectWise PSA!.

We manage a lot of Projects (40 - 60 at a time) and TopLeft has proven to improve focus and save time capturing critical information needed to keep projects on schedule!

Scott Patsy - Manager of Strategic Engagement at CIT

The big AHA moment was when I could click on the magnifying glass on a project drill into the tickets for the project. OH MY GOSH.

As a project manager I see my own projects- but to talk w/ clients you need to know about the individual tickets. It gives project managers a better way to manage project milestones.

Sarah Ellis - CIO at Clear Guidance - Austin, Tx

TopLeft turned project management from staring at huge lists, impossible to prioritize, into easily digestible, very visually compelling information.

We are no longer looking at a mountain of data wondering how to break it up. It’s already broken up for us by TopLeft, which makes it much easier to see the flow of tickets.

Before, we also weren’t able to see projects side-by-side—something we can now do thanks to TopLeft.

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TopLeft already supports ConnectWise Manage and Datto Autotask PSA. If the lack of support for Halo PSA makes you tear up, let us know. We’re making a list of interested folks so we know when it’s the right time to integrate with Halo PSA.