The time to transform your MSP is now

We’ve learned that the way to transform your MSP is to become AGILE.

If you’re ready to transform your MSP by adopting an agile mindset related to people leadership, project management, and more, then you’re ready for the Agile MSP Bootcamp.

The Agile MSP Bootcamp is for MSP CEOs, Project Managers, Service Managers & Coordinators, and Team Leads who want actionable tools to leverage their people to get more work done and accelerate to scalable business growth.

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Thursday July 7, 2022



A portion of each registration will go to providing clean water for the world

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Here’s What You’ll Get At The Agile MSP Bootcamp

The Agile MSP Bootcamp will give you 5 specific tools to accelerate your MSP to the next level of success:

  • Adopt an Agile mindset to provide leadership that transforms your workplace culture.
  • Implement a MSP management framework that transforms the client experience.
  • Visualize work to keep your team unblocked and achieve perfect flow.
  • Manage projects in a way that transforms the speed and quality of completed work.
  • Lead your people in a way that unlocks their potential and compounds the effectiveness of your MSP.

Here’s What You’ll Get At The Agile MSP Bootcamp


Actionable Content

The #1 goal of the Agile MSP Bootcamp is that each attendee walk away with actionable content specific to your business.

You get training in MSP agile leadership, project & service management, emotional intelligence, and leadership development in 1 action-packed day. Our sessions are delivered by industry professionals who have faced the same challenges you do. They’ve overcome those challenges and can’t wait to share them with you.

What you won’t experience is wasted time listening to “theory” and vague overviews of abstract concepts. You’ll take with you action steps, tools, checklists and strategies you can implement to accelerate the growth of your business.


It’s one thing to identify a good tool or process to implement in order to reach a goal or solve a problem. It’s quite another thing to carry on when things don’t go quite the way you planned or imagined. Let’s face it…achieving and maintaining success is hard work!

And sometimes, just when you start to get traction, something happens – a team member leaves or a client changes the scope of a project – to derail momentum. It’s so easy to doubt – doubt the plan, the people, the vision…and doubt yourself.

Participating in the Agile MSP Bootcamp is the environment you need to be in to hear from others who are walking in your shoes and succeeding, to strengthen your resolve, and to give you peace of mind. There is comfort in knowing that others struggle with the same issues, and that you’re not alone.



With so many MSP leaders in attendance, there will be a lot of shared experiences and collective wisdom to draw from.

At the Agile MSP Bootcamp, there will be opportunities to connect with other attendees to share stories, encourage progress, and have some fun.

Best of all, you’ll get to connect with people just like you – colleagues who are walking the same road, confronted with the same problems, and happy to share what they’re learning.

Here’s A Look At Our Speakers


Jamison West

Jamison has been a serial entrepreneur for 25 years. He built Arterian (formerly JWCS), an MSP that he grew from a 1 man shop to 40 staff through both organic growth and the acquisition of 4 other IT Services companies.

He went on to Co-Found 3 SaaS companies including Teamatics, SmileBack, and TimeZest and currently serves as a fractional CEO for SmileBack and Chairman of TimeZest. He enjoys his role as a Strategic Coach and Consultant for several clients in the US.

Jamison currently lives in Las Vegas, NV and travels constantly.

Learn more about Jamison here.

Melvyn Bulkes headshot

Melvyn Bulkes

Melvyn Bulkes is a seasoned Enterprise Agile expert and coach who has created positive and lasting change across organizations worldwide. Melvyn guides individuals and groups through key change concepts including operational adjustments, enterprise impact, people issues and day-to-day at work.

He assists Executives, Managers and Directors as they grow into new roles, and models positive leadership traits, encouraging leaders to be their best. Clients he’s worked with include Nationwide, Sony Play Station, IBM, and Oxford University Press.

Learn more about Melvyn here.

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Steve Psaradellis

From working in mainframes in the 80s, teaching network engineers in the 90s, running a small MSP in the 2000s, Steve now heads up Teba, a company focused on delivering successful end user compute projects for medium and large organizations in Australia.

The need to deliver projects on time, on budget and within scope drove Steve to immerse himself in Agile, CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management), DevOps and other methodologies to implement Teba’s own brand of ProjOps (TM)

Steve’s passion is Joining Project and Operations teams to successfully deliver and support infrastructure projects to customers.

Learn more about Steve here.

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Todd Kane

Todd Kane has spent over a decade creating a management framework that has resulted in massive value for the companies he has worked with – millions in higher margin projects/operations, millions in saved cash reducing employee turnover, and massive increases in team morale.

Todd has led groups for several high growth companies like EnCana, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, WestJet, Bell Canada, Long View Systems, and Fully Managed.

His work has been recognized with numerous awards, both technical and business, by Microsoft, Small Business BC, Globe and Mail, and Venture Magazine.

Learn more about Todd here.

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Scott Taylor

Scott has over 25 years in the IT industry as a systems administrator and IT manager. In 2009, Scott bought a small IT consulting firm which he grew into a profitable MSP business which he then sold in 2018, merging the company with Allixo Technologies.

Scott has been a managing owner at Allixo since joining, and has spent the last 4 years in charge of Operations where he has focused on developing a profit-first mindset with co-owners, hiring the right people, and developing processes and procedures for agile service delivery.

When not working, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, serving at his Church and in his community, backpacking in the Cascades, woodworking, and occasionally playing League of Legends as a support main.

Learn more about Scott here.

Matt Fox

Matt Fox

A software developer by trade, Matt Fox is the VP of TopLeft, a tool that integrates with a PSA and helps MSP leaders manage workflows more efficiently using the main principle of Kanban. TopLeft builds on how managers and engineers do their daily work, letting them perform their daily tasks with much fewer clicks, prevent backlogs, and spot bottlenecks faster.

In his role, Matt leads all aspects of TopLeft from business growth, software development, customer satisfaction, and training on Agile and Kanban methods.

Learn more about Matt here.



Individual non-TopLeft customer - $399
Individual TopLeft customer - $299
Team of 5 - $1049

Select the option that fits your case the most.
A portion of each registration will go to providing clean water for the world


Pacific Time



8:00-8:30 Stephen Pasiciel Welcome and Introduction
8:30-9:30 Melvyn Bulkes The Agile Leadership Mindset
9:30-9:45 Break Break
9:45-10:45 Scott Taylor Transforming Your MSP
10:45-11:45 Todd Kane Keeping Your Service Manager Sane
11:45-12:00 Break Break
12:00-1:00 Matt Fox Take Back Control of Your Work
1:00-2:00 Jamison West Building & Leading Strong Teams
2:00-3:00 Steve Psaradellis Agile Project Management
3:00-3:30 Stephen Pasiciel & Jim Bjorkes  Close
3:30-4:30 Stephen Pasiciel Optional Attendee Networking & Speaker Networking

If you’re ready to transform your MSP by adopting an agile mindset related to people leadership, project management, and more, then you’re ready for the Agile MSP Bootcamp.

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