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The PSA Project Management Software for MSPs, by MSPs

Kanbans for Kaizen (continuous improvement)

The challenges faced by most MSPs can be categorized into two--either you’re struggling to prioritize because everything feels like a priority or you’re stuck with legacy workflows that are good, but can be better.

Your role can become even more complex when you find yourself forced to utilize multiple tools that execute varying purposes. This is where TopLeft comes in.

Our two-way PSA integration with ConnectWise and AutoTask is designed to help you visualize and manage priorities of different project and work items.

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Through our Kanban boards, you can have a big picture view of your goal without sacrificing visibility one very significant detail that will help you reach it.

In simpler words - we help you focus on what is both important and urgent.

More than just a Kanban Board

Being able to see what is being worked on, who's working on it, and when it's going to be completed
are the winning points of adopting a Kanban system.

Start and complete projects quicker
Onboard your clients more efficiently
Achieve optimum ticket response and resolution times
Make reports actionable and simpler to understand
Improve overall customer experience

With TopLeft, growing MSPs are better equipped to scale while established MSPs are no longer bound by limitations.

Teams work better with visualization.
See TopLeft in action.

Making your PSA Software even more powerful

Adopting TopLeft kanban boards won't require you to overhaul your processes- in fact,
with a simple integration, you get a visual overlay of your data, right where it belongs- in your PSA!

User Experience

Multiple Project Management

Ticket and Task Visibility

Workload Planning

Root Cause Analysis

Standalone PSA

You are required to do multiple clicks before getting the information you need

You are limited project management capabilities

You are unable to see all priorities and status in a single glance

You cannot identify technicians struggling with backlogs

You are unable to easily identify and resolve bottlenecks and issues

PSA Integrated with TopLeft

You get access to everything important with just one click from your dashboard

You have a single source of truth with visibility on the entire project portfolio

You can visualize workflow by getting visibility on ticket queues and progress

You can delegate more efficiently and allocate resources better

You can readily pin point and address productivity blockers

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You don’t have to take our word for it - hear what our clients have to say about working with TopLeft

Matthew Kaufman

CEO at KaufmanIT

Matthew Kaufman - Kaufman IT

(2nd week of CTC program):

It's weird that this is the exact same data in a new visual form, but suddenly everybody knows which tickets should have been closed when they didn't just with ConnectWise. (Closed almost 300 old or finished tickets out of 450 in a week)

Ravi Brounstein

CEO at Alpha IT

Ravi Brounstein-1

(2 weeks into trial)

This product has changed my life. I'm already sold, just for the benefit that it gives to me. We can see progress from Request-For-Quote all the way through to Close, including task work. We've never had that start-to-finish view before.

Use Cases

Explore how TopLeft can be customized to fit your specific operations and processes

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Deliver on your commitment by efficiently managing and completing projects

Home - Use Cases - SM

Enhance service delivery
workflow by addressing bottlenecks promptly

Home - Use Cases - Dispatch

Find unassigned tickets faster, and avoid overloading
engineers with work

Home - Use Cases - ENGR

Organize and prioritize tasks with a better visualization of your workload

Home - Use Cases - Owner

Get projects done on time by organizing them based on criticality, urgency, or SLAs

Home - Use Cases - Sales

See the opportunity pipeline and pull them from new to closed without losing a pulse

Say goodbye to complex workflows, silo mentality, and workload overcapacity!
See Topleft Kanban Boards in action.