About TopLeft

TopLeft is a division of Kerkhoff Technologies (KTI), an MSP from the Vancouver area, British Columbia. KTI was founded by Wim Kerkhoff in 2007 and has become one of the region’s most respected MSPs. Kerkhoff Technologies also has a unit called Crafty Penguins specializing in Linux, cloud services, and DevOps consulting.

As an MSP, we understand feeling pressure from clients, the difficulty of balancing service, project, and internal tasks, and the challenge of understanding work when using PSA software such as ConnectWise and Autotask. We’ve been there, and we’ve found some solutions while continuing to learn and adapt every day.

Kerkhoff Technologies built Kanban because our PSA solution, while good at ticketing and billing, didn’t offer tools to make work flow smoothly. We had used Agile practices such Scrum in our software development team for years with great results, so we built Kanban as a tool to help us visualize priorities of our tasks, limit our work in progress, help us understand bottlenecks in our workflow, and identify neglected work.

The name TopLeft reminds us of the place where new work is found in a Kanban board- the top left corner of the whole board or of a column. The right-facing arrow represents how work moves left-to-right through a pipeline of work when visualized on a board.

TopLeft was known as CW Kanban until December 2019.

Today we continue to use Kanban in all parts of our business and can’t imagine how we’d work without it!

The Kerkhoff Technologies, Crafty Penguins, and TopLeft crew