ConnectWise Project Management


ConnectWise Manage is a powerful PSA suite for MSPs that offers a wide range of functionality, from service tickets to CRM, billing, scheduling and time tracking.

It also offers a project management module featuring work plans, Gantt charts, client communication, and billing.


Benefits and Drawbacks of CW Project Management

The main benefit of managing projects in ConnectWise is the integration with its other modules. For example, because ConnectWise has your customer database, it’s easy to associate each project with its customer and agreements.

However, the ConnectWise project management module has severe drawbacks with regards to actually managing projects. In ConnectWise it is very difficult to:

  • Understand and plan work for your whole project portfolio
  • See the state of all work in a single project
  • See who is assigned to each ticket
  • See what work is being neglected
  • Organize work in a flexible way where small changes don’t cascade into a huge mess

If you’re frustrated with project management in ConnectWise- you’re not alone!

Managing Projects in ConnectWise with TopLeft Kanban

The problems with project management in ConnectWise are due to the lack of visualization of project data, which makes it difficult to understand and control what happens with projects. This can be solved by keeping the data in ConnectWise and using a separate tool to visualize that data.

That’s what TopLeft Kanban boards do! Kanban boards visualize project data by showing tasks arrayed in a series of columns- one column for each significant stage in your project workflow. This makes it easy to understand what work is started, what’s neglected, and what’s coming up in each project.

TopLeft Kanban also shows projects (not just project tickets) in the overall workflow, making it easy to track your whole project portfolio and prevent entire projects from getting off-track or delayed.

Project data visualization is available from a number of independent services. However, using a tool integrated with ConnectWise is a much better option than using an independent project management tool, because you can continue to get benefit from the service, CRM, and billing integration with ConnectWise.

Reasons to Manage Projects with TopLeft Kanban

With TopLeft Kanban you can:

  • Manage your whole project portfolio at once
  • Understand the state of all work in your projects
  • Visualize your start and end date commitments- so you can finally meet them!
  • See who’s assigned to each ticket and see who has too much or too little work assigned
  • See neglected work and bottlenecks in your project flow
  • Communicate clearly about the priority of work

It doesn’t just help projects- Kanban is great for managing service and sales work too!

And because Kanban shows data straight out of ConnectWise, you can continue to benefit from keeping your data all in ConnectWise and you don’t have to spend any time entering data in separate systems.