Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc. Profile

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc. (KTI) utilizes a consultative approach to deliver technology solutions that align with client business goals. KTI focuses their approach on three areas: Windows MSP, Linux Server Support, and Kanban Boards for ConnectWise Manage. KTI is headquartered in the Vancouver, Canada area and employs 13 team members.

TopLeft's Solution for Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

Before KTI implemented Kanban Boards for ConnectWise Manage, team members encountered several problems related to workflow, bottlenecks, communication, and accountability. First, tickets currently in progress (WIP) were unprioritized in ConnectWise which required the team member to constantly and manually refer to the total list, so nothing would be forgotten. Second, the inevitable bottlenecks in workflow were always there but could not be easily identified. Third, team members were aware only of what they were working on, which resulted in the overloading of some individual’s workload and a general “silo-ing” of responsibilities.

KTI’s implementation of Kanban Boards for ConnectWise Manage resulted in the following solutions to the above problems. First, utilizing the Kanban Boards makes it easy for team members to know what work is in progress and what is stalled. Second, those at the management level can more easily foresee trends and bottlenecks, and they can organize work according to available manpower. Third, bottlenecks are avoided because team members communicate across the organization about what work is being done. Constant communication means that team members see their roadblocks and it builds in accountability for completing work-in-progress.

Implications & Application

KTI’s implementation of Kanban Boards for ConnectWise Manage has significantly increased their ability to serve clients well. This is seen in the client onboarding process, where team members are now able to segment the work and assign different individuals to do their parts and then come together in the end with a completed job. Now, before a project is initiated, team members can visualize how it’s going to go and what it’s going to take to get there.

In addition to an improved on-boarding process, clients are also served well because the Kanban system results in faster work completion. When team members managed themselves and their own workloads, the system quickly bogged down. Now, team members are no longer bottlenecks for other work but, because of better work visualization, better communication, and accountability, the client enjoys faster and better service.


Click on this link to view an interview with KTI’s Operations Manager.