Agile MSP Training

You’ve heard agile practices can transform your business- but you don’t understand them well enough yourself to teach them to your team.

No problem. Let TopLeft teach you and your team how to take back control of your work using agile practices.

Format: Four 1-hour remote sessions for your whole team
Your investment: $1,500

How to sign up: email and ask for “Agile MSP Training”

Course Contents

By the end of the course, here’s what your team will be able to do:

  • Identify key stages in the workflows of the MSP.
  • Describe why high levels of Work In Progress kills productivity.
  • Conduct a short daily team meeting to improve communication and eliminate blocked work.
  • Use Kanban methods for triage and dispatch processes.
  • Identify and fix problematic service tickets using a Kanban board.
  • Visualize the project portfolio on a Kanban board.
  • Use Kanban methods for project management.
  • Identify and fix problematic projects and tickets using a Kanban board.
  • Perform daily work according to Kanban principles using a Kanban board.
  • Identify specialized workflows in an MSP, document the stages of a specialized workflow, and visualize it on a Kanban board.
  • Use workflow metrics to identify and resolve problems.

Agile MSP Training + PSA Consulting

Never worked with a PSA consultant before? Maybe you have but it was long ago and it’s time for a tune-up? Here’s your chance to get no-nonsense training and best-practice review of your ConnectWise or Autotask setup.

Training is provided by industry experts:

Format: Four 1-hour remote sessions for your leaders and operations folks
Your investment: $3,000 (for whole Agile & PSA training)
Bonus: get a package of ready-made SOPs for daily Kanban work for your managers and technicians.

How to sign up: email and ask for “Agile MSP Training + PSA Consulting”

Course Contents

You’ll learn about:

  • Helpdesk setup and organization
    • Understanding helpdesk tickets in the PSA
    • Recommend boards/queues and statuses
    • Types and categorization
    • SLAs
    • Dispatch and escalation procedures
    • Agreements and billing practices
    • Reporting- metrics, dashboards, widgets
  • Project setup and organization
    • Understanding projects in the PSA
    • When to use projects
    • Using tasks and phases
    • Project templates
    • Agreements
    • Project profitability
  • Agreements/Contracts and Billing
    • Setup of billable resources, hourly costs, internal costs, block time, etc.
    • Review of agreements/contracts, services, and products
    • Integrate with accounting tool (QBOL or Xero)
  • Common useful integrations
    • RMMs, TimeZest, Desk Director, Zomentum, etc.