Kanban Videos

Huddle Friendly UI

In this video, Wim highlights all the recent enhancements to improve Kanban for Connectwise to work very well in daily huddle, especially with large screen LCDs.

Kanban Swimlanes

Wim shows off one of the great features of TopLeft: the swimlane. Make triage a breeze by dragging from the un-assigned ticket swimlane to any member swimlane on a board.

Customize Kanban Cards

It’s time to add some colour to TopLeft! Over the last year we have been syncing more and more data about your ConnectWise tickets. This has helped identify ticket neglect, blocks, or resource mis-management. Now that kanban tracks all this data, we thought it would time to let you do something meaningful with it.

TopLeft is amazing! Finally a way to have a visual overview of our tickets. This is especially useful for projects. TopLeft support is also great and we strongly recommend this product!

Joel Kino, Interconnekt

Service Managers and Dispatch - Accelerating Ticket Flow

Get more work done, by visualizing workflow, cutting through ticket noise, avoiding micro-managing and over-scheduling, and focusing on completing work rather than only starting work.

Kanban Case Study

This week I had a consult with an MSP. Currently they have a rigid dispatch process for working through projects, but it has issues with overwhelmed engineers, constant rescheduling, inability to respond to unplanned changes and so forth. They want to work towards a more collaborative and Agile/Lean method. They would like to have a weekly rhythm of creating a batch of work for the next week.

Kanban Setup Crash Course

Take 5 minutes to learn the basics of creating a board in TopLeft Kanban.