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Stop dispatching from your PSA. Finally dedicate your valuable time to tasks that require special attention.

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Why Dispatchers Use TopLeft

✔️  Find unassigned tickets


✔️  Meet customers SLAs

✔️  Simplify dispatch


✔️  Eliminate overloading

of technicians

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Take Back Control Of Your Work

With Kanban

Simplify dispatch processes

Dispatching to engineers’ calendars is time-consuming and frequently needs to be done multiple times. Kanban processes eliminate that waste without giving up your control and visibility.

Visualize how work is distributed

Kanban boards can show work split up by technician to show you who is too busy, or grouped by priority to make the emergency work obvious.


Find and eliminate bottlenecks

Identify bottlenecks by easily seeing a large number of tickets in a single status or single technician.


Dispatch to calendar in Kanban

You can dispatch to an engineer’s calendar. Kanban shows the member’s free and busy time during the day so you can dispatch intelligently.


Drag and drop cards

Use drag-and-drop to position tickets within columns, indicating the order they should be worked. Or drag-and-drop to assign tickets to new technicians.

Show schedule info on


Scheduling information is shown on cards. You will be able to see at a glance what’s happening today and if scheduled tickets were missed.

Quickly edit tickets

Accelerate your work by editing general ticket fields such as title, due date, agreement, and budget hours.

Group and filter cards

Group cards in horizontal lanes to review work by an engineer, type, priority, or project.

What Our Clients Have to Say

We are able to run meaningful huddles/daily standups now and have been transformed by TopLeft!

Ben Johnson

Liberty Technology

TopLeft is working great! We use it several times a week during our meetings to make sure tickets are not getting lost. It’s been extremely helpful and greatly reduced our open ticket count.

Ernest Murry

Genuine Technology

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