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For MSPs using ConnectWise or Autotask we provide Kanban boards to display tasks visually and encourage pull-based workflow methods to minimize context switching and cut down work in progress. Unlike competing solutions like Trello and Kanbanize, we integrate directly with ConnectWise and Autotask. We aim to provide a 50-100X return on your investment.

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  Get Organized

  Simplify Planning

  Visualize Work

  Avoid task switching

  Work Collaboratively

  Improve Flow

  Identify Neglected Work

  Share Priorities

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Having used ConnectWise as our core system for over 12 years, I knew that the product and the methodology for dealing with tickets was fundamentally flawed, but was not able to find the answer as to what else to do, or what other software to run. I finally found the answers I was looking for by studying a few different disciplines including The Theory of Constraints and Agile methodologies. 

I looked at other software and found that Salesforce could do everything we needed, only problem was it was prohibitively expensive, and even worse, I did not want to have to re-train my whole team on a new system. 

Using TopLeft, and the other methodologies that coincidentally were published on their website as suggested reading, we were able to move our average project delivery from negative efficiency to positive 33% efficiency. So we finish projects now with an average of 1/3 time left over! We are now implementing the Agile side of things for our day to day service tickets, and can already see the benefits of TopLeft to increase the throughput of our business, without increasing the head count.

TopLeft is an extremely affordable investment considering the costs of switching PSAs and the efficiency improvements.

Steve Psaradellis

CEO, Enterprise Network Architect, TEBA Group, Melbourne, Australia

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We actually wrote a Kanbanize to Connectwise integration 4 years ago, but then abandoned it due to CW doing their own “Agile Board”.

The CW Agile Board wasn’t good at all so we were without the ability to visualize our work for the past couple years. Since adopting TopLeft we thankfully are able to visualize our work!

We are able to run meaningful huddles/daily standups now have been transformed by TopLeft!! Wim and team have added features lightning fast and we are seeing real value!

Ben Johnson,

Liberty Technology

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I would recommend this product to any company that is considering moving their helpdesk environment to an Agile Service Delivery entity.

The board is highly configurable and the developers are very easy to work with and willing to go the extra mile to get you set up the way you want your board to work.

Jeff Groby


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