CraftyBot – Slack chat bot integration for ConnectWise Manage

Why do you need CraftyBot for your Connectwise ?

Does that look familiar to you?

ConnectWise is a powerful system, but with that power comes a significant amount of ‘baggage’.  The UI has to be rich, and handle all the use cases.

How much of your time, and your client’s time has been lost watching that spinning logo?

We were tired of looking at it as well, so we made an internal tool to cut down on the time it take us to work with ConnectWise.  Our technicians are already using the chat messaging system Slack, along with many of our clients.  As a team, we are often discussing client issues inside a channel related to that client or with a client.

We’ve turned that internal tool, that we’re loving and extending, into a product so that every ConnectWise user can benefit and see less of that spinning icon.

Right now, go make a ticket. Pay attention to all the steps you have to do, to every time you have to move back to the mouse, then back to the keyboard, to all the scroll actions you need to do, etc.

With CraftyBot, right there, in the chat, we just do this:

I didn’t have to stop what I was doing, move away from chat, mess around clicking anything.   I get back the ticket number,

the summary I added.  See that ticket number there?  You can click on it and go DIRECTLY to the CW page for the ticket to make any custom changes you might need.

That is the power of the CraftyBot. We can do that for more than just Tickets!

  • Time Entries
  • Activities
  • Scheduling
  • Ticket Notes
  • Ticket Status change
  • Campaigns status
  • Quick search actions that give you result lists with links that will take you direct to the CW object.
  • Bulk one off ticket creation for a list of companies.


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